Why Choose Hosting with a Linux Web Server

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Deciding on the right choice for your web server is necessary when it comes to hosting. The major two choices are Linux and Windows. Both come with specific benefits, but most prefer a Linux web server over Windows. Here are the advantages of choosing hosting with a Linux server.

Inexpensive Hosting

Linux is an open source operating system, which means it’s free to use. Most web hosting companies prefer Linux because it helps keep the cost down, which makes it more affordable for their customers. ITX Design uses Linux servers and this is one of the reasons why.

Capability and Compatibility

Another major benefit of hosting with Linux is the compatibility it has with other operating systems and software. You won’t experience any difficulties if you make a website with Windows and host it on a Linux web server. This makes it a better choice for most looking to host their website with the top server on the market today.

Stability and Performance

Of course, one of the most important parts of your hosting is how well it performs. If your hosting package includes Linux based servers, you will notice they perform better than Windows servers. This operating system is the most stable you will find. It doesn’t slow down over time or freeze up. Linux web servers don’t experience memory leaks and the up-times are often much better than other servers.


Linux provides a flexible hosting environment with plenty of high performance applications. You can use both desktop and server applications, along with embedded systems. Disk space can easily be saved because you can install only the components you plan to use. For example, you can install just a few office programs instead of the entire suite.

Installation and Network Friendliness

Installing Linux is very easy. This is one of the most user-friendly installations you will find and it’s very fast, as well. Since the operating system was created by a group of programmers, it’s made to provide incredible network functionality. Whether you need to back up the network or you just need a more reliable choice, Linux servers fit perfectly.

A Few Extra Benefits

A few other advantages you get with Linux include Full use of the hard disk, the ability to multi-task, a large amount of choices and the benefit of an open source operating system. With any program that’s open source, you gain many benefits because there’s a community to help provide support.

A Host with Linux

Many large hosting companies use Linux web servers and some are great, while others don’t provide the hosting elements you really need. Sometimes the absolute cheapest option isn’t the best. However, with some hosts, you get both an affordable option and a host capable of supporting you.

ITX Design offers top quality Linux web servers for your hosting and provides some of the best support in the industry. You don’t have to know Linux in and out to use hosting from ITX Design. In fact, beginners can start with the shared hosting package for a very cheap price and grow their website(s) and hosting together.

Linux Servers vs. Windows Serverslinux-penguin-ubuntu

When you start worrying about the type of server, you may lose sight of the benefits given to you by the actual hosting company. Make sure you’re looking at more than just the server type. Many prefer Linux web servers over Windows, but this goes both ways. They both serve the needs of different types of websites, but they both provide many good benefits.

Instead of looking at just the type of server, make sure you look at what the company provides. Linux servers are usually more reliable, which means the support from companies using Linux is usually better. It won’t be bogged down with requests and you will be able to get the help you need whenever you need it. This is very important when you’re searching for hosting.

The Bottom line

What it really comes down to is the support offered by the hosting company. If you need a Linux web server because this is the type of server you plan to use, make sure the hosting company uses Linux, but don’t forget about the support. Hosting support says quite a bit about any company and it’s the easiest way to figure out if the company is good or bad.

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