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Why do You Need a Website for your Photography Business?

photography-websites-designPhotography comes with many images, which speak volumes when it comes to attracting new clients. A website allows you to show off all of your work for all the different types of photography you provide. This is one of the best ways to attract new business today.

A Few Reasons You Need a Website for Your Photography Business

Every year, a larger percentage of Americans use the internet to make many of their purchasing decisions. These decisions go much further than just items they can order online. Over 50% of Americans check out a company’s website before making their final buying decision. Here are a few other reasons you need a photography website.

1. The Competition is Fierce

Search for “photography + your city” and you will find a long list of websites for your competition. If you don’t have a website, you won’t be found on this list, which means the chances of somebody searching for a photographer, in your city, choosing you are slim and none.

2. Growing your Business

Your photography website can help you grow your business. With a professional website, you can show off your work, which will help to attract new clients. Your website also makes it easier for current customers to recommend your services to friends and family.

3. Selling Stock Photography

If you sell stock photography or plan to, your own website will cut out the middleman. This eliminated any of the commissions you might pay to a site to help you sell your stock photography. It’s very easy to add a stock photography section to your website and start making extra money from your work.

4. Connecting with Social Mediaphotography-websites

The social world is a photographer’s dream. Imagine your clients sharing the pictures you took of them all over Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and any other social media site. With a website, they will not only be sharing your images, but also your online calling card.

5. Better Customer Service

With the right tools, you can create a better user experience. You can allow your clients access to their pictures and allow them to order the prints they prefer online. This makes it easy for anybody to order today, tomorrow or even months from now.

Creating Your Own Photography Website

If you’re the type of person that loves to be in control of your business, you will want to create the website for your company without the help of a designer. This makes sense for photographers, anyway.

Creating your photography website doesn’t need to be difficult. The right tools will make it easy to upload and host pictures, create different pages, add a client login section and even add a blog.

You will be able to add pictures to each section of your website, such as weddings, family, senior portraits, etc. This will make it very easy for potential customers to find samples of your work.

Where do you Start?

Creating any type of website starts with the right hosting company. At ITX Design, we offer shared, VPS and dedicated server hosting for all your needs. Our support team is available 24/7 with the answers you need, as you create your new website.

All of our hosting accounts come with cPanel, which provides access to all the necessary tools you need for your photography website. You can use one of the many CMS choices, shopping cart software and the many other tools you need for your website.

Growing Your Photography Business with a Website

If you’re ready to grow your business and show off your work, it’s time to take your photography online. Imagine connecting your website with all your social profiles and watching your pictures make their way to all of your friends profiles. You may just find yourself with more work than you can handle.

ITX Design can help you create the best website possible for your specific needs. Start by choosing the right hosting package for you, and then let our support team help you with any questions, as you create your new photography website.

If you’re not sure which hosting package is right for you, contact us and we can help you choose the right one for your needs.




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