seo-with-attractaHow can Attracta Help You with Your Website?

Attracta is a third-party software found within cPanel and used for SEO purposes. This is a newer feature within the cPanel of many hosting companies. The new bundle includes many tools used to help create better SEO, build links and gain Facebook Traffic.

What is Attracta?

Attracta is the largest SEO or search engine optimization service in the world. Millions of websites use Attracta and now it’s found within cPanel for anybody to use. The company started around 2009 and has become the most popular SEO choice on the planet.

The only goal of Attracta is to help webmasters increase their website traffic. It provides a simple and effective way to get more views on your website content. The software will go through your entire website and provide an SEO Dashboard report, along with create an XML Sitemap for you. Not only will Attracta create these powerful reports, but it will also help find SEO errors and provide tips to fix these errors.

Attracta will also submit your XML Sitemap to Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo and other search engines. This creates a better chance of getting listed higher in the search results, which leads to more traffic to your website.

Along with creating more traffic and better SEO, Attracta provides more relevant traffic for your site, as well. With the many tools this software provides inside your cPanel, you can boost your search engine traffic without spending thousands of dollars on an expensive SEO company.

What’s Included Within Attracta?

Attracta provides free search engine optimization tools including:

  • Get In Googleseo-attract-plan
  • SEO Tools
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Google Sitemap
  • Link Building
  • Facebook Traffic
  • SEO Tips

These seven tools work together to provide the most powerful SEO tools on the planet. By utilizing the tools found in your cPanel and provided by Attracta, you can increase your website traffic without worrying about ending up on the dreaded blacklist of Google.

Attracta’s tools will create reports, provide SEO tips, create an XML Sitemap for you, submit your site map to search engines, check the Google Blacklist for you, provides social networking help and even help you build links.

Getting Started with Attracta

When you first start using the tools provided by Attracta, you will get an SEO review with the following:

  • Google Blacklist Check – Using this tool, you will know whether your website has been flagged for viruses, spyware or malware. Most of the million sites on this list don’t even realize they are on it.
  • Get In Google – This tool will help to provide your XML Sitemap and submit it to the big search engines.
  • Link Building – As a major part of SEO, link building is very important. With this tool, you can easily create three high-value backlinks to your website from Business Directories.

After using these three core tools, you can see your new listing on the search engines and run SEO reports with Attracta.

Does Attracta Really Work?

seo-that-worksWith the free Attracta tools found in your cPanel, you can increase your website traffic. This is one of the most powerful sets of SEO tools ever created. Whether you run a blog or a website, you can see results with Attracta.

As you begin to use Attracta, it will automatically submit your XML Sitemap to the top search engines every week, help you rank better with keyword-based backlinks to your pages and blog posts and you can even run fully-managed SEO campaigns helping you get to the top of the search results in less than 90 days.

Where can you get the Attracta SEO Tools?

If you’re ready to start your own website or blog and you want to make sure you get the Attracta SEO tools as a part of your hosting package, choose ITX Design. We offer the best hosting and technical support on the planet, along with cPanel as your administrative dashboard.

Within cPanel, you will find many helpful tools for your website and blog. From site builders to WordPress and so much more, we give you all the necessary tools you need to build and run a successful website or blog. The Attracta SEO tools are included in every hosting package we offer. Whether you choose shared hosting or you upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting, you will get the Attracta SEO tools when you trust ITX Design with all your hosting needs.


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