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lawyer-websitesIf You’re a Lawyer, Do You Need a Website?

As a new lawyer or one without a website, you might be wondering whether you need a website. Any business offering a service or a product needs a website. ITX Design can help with your new lawyer website.

Four Reasons Every Lawyer Needs a Website

Other than the obvious reason of putting your business in front of more people and finding new clients, there are many other reasons every lawyer needs their own website. Here are four of the top reasons to create a website for your law practice.

Easy way to Supply Your Information

With a website, you can provide all the necessary information potential clients will need easily. Adding your URL to your business cards and making it possible to find your website with a search engine, makes it much easier for your clients to find information about you. This is vital considering more than half the people making decisions about services and products use the internet to gather information first.

Provides All Day, Every Day Access

Your law office may only be open from 9 to 5 each day and you may only be there for a portion of that time. The rest of the hours, potential clients only get a message when they call your phone line. However, if they can find you online, they can get all the necessary information and even contact you anytime of the day.

Trust and Credibility

When potential clients cannot find you online, they may not trust you if you don’t have a website. However, if they can search for you with their favorite search engine and find your website, you will gain credibility quickly. In addition, you can list testimonials and references on your website and use a blog to build trust with potential clients.

Marketing Powerlawyer-website-hosting

Many law directories and websites are found online that will allow you to list your website address on their site. However, if you don’t have a website, you cannot leverage the power of any online marketing. With a website, you can find many new clients every year and online marketing is often less expensive than offline marketing.

These are just a few of the many reasons every law office needs a website. Once you’ve made the decision to create a website for your practice, it’s time to decide whether you want to do it yourself or hire somebody to handle the design, content and coding.

Where Should You Start?

Every lawyer website needs hosting. This is where you need to start. With the right hosting account, you will get all the tools to design your own website, such as site builders, top CMS choices and so much more. ITX Design provides the best possible hosting for your new lawyer website and will help you get started on the right track.

It doesn’t matter if you plan to design the site yourself or you plan to hire somebody to handle the hard work for you, ITX Design hosting will provide the foundation you need. Hosting is vital to any website and you need to make sure your hosting is handled by a team of experts in the industry.

At ITX Design, we provide 24/7 technical support and we make sure your site is live 99.99% of the time. This is very important because if your site goes down, you may lose clients. With our professional support team and our 99.99% uptime guarantee, you won’t have to worry about losing clients.

Along with the incredible support and uptime guarantee, ITX Hosting provides all kinds of tools. From design tools to marketing tools, you will find everything you need within the cPanel of your hosting account. Easily install the right CMS for your needs or use one of the free site builders to help you create your new lawyer website in just a few minutes. Once your site is live, just fill in the pages with the right content and you’ll be on your way.

However, it may be a good idea to consult with a professional web designer. With the help of an expert and hosting from ITX Design, your lawyer website will provide the right image for your law firm. Contact us today and find out more about the type of hosting you need for your firm’s new website.


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