Stock Photography

There are a lot of great stock photography and website template companies online.  However, I’ve stumbled across a series of websites that can serve as your all in one resource for stock photography, website templates, animated images, audio, etc…

Go to this website and in the left corner click the down arrow next to the logo.  It will display 7-8 websites and each specializes in something web design related.  I like the sites because I can deposit money on any of them and then you can easily switch between the sites and your money follows you.  So you can deposit $100 and purchase $20 in stock photography and then a website template for $30 all within the same network of sites.

Another great feature is that it stores all of your purchases.  You can click your Downloads link and it displays everything that you’ve purchased so you can easily download the content.  This ensures you won’t lose any of your valuable images or templates.


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