Miva vs Magento – Which Ecommerce Choice is Best?

ecommerce-two-wheel-dollyEvery ecommerce solution has its advantages and disadvantages. If you’re looking for the right system for your online store, you need to consider which one will benefit you the most. Not every business is the same and you may need benefits one system provides compared to another. Here’s a breakdown of what you get with Miva Merchant and with Magento.

Miva Merchant

Miva provides you with a system that’s consider the leader in the industry. Many large companies use Miva Merchant and many choose it over Magento every month. This system is quite robust and provides plenty of documentation over the 14+ year history. Over 300,000 licenses have been sold across the world and the interface is one of the easiest to use.

Due to the many partnerships created by Miva Merchant, it’s easy to incorporate, email marketing, ecommerce applications and product reviews within your system. This shopping cart has plenty of developers out there providing great tutorials and support.

Features include the ability to manage orders, sales tax calculation, real-time shipping rates, in-house support and third party application integration. You gain all the design flexibility you need and the system is fully ready for internet marketing strategies including SEO. Miva Merchant provides great support and gives you the ability to expand internationally.


Of course, with any great system, there’s always competition and Magento does a pretty good job of providing healthy competition for Miva. Magento provides a free version called the Magento Community Edition, which is very user-friendly, provides plenty of reporting options and gives the user analytics they can use within the system.

Magento is fully SEO-capable, provides catalog management tools and many retailers, wholesalers, developers and other types of businesses use the system. Whether a large or small business, you can utilize the Magento shopping cart for all your needs.

The system is perfect for the user looking for full site optimization and provides you with a Google Site Map. The system is 100% search friendly with a custom URL option and the use of Meta information for tagging, product descriptions and more. The SEO benefits, alone can make a huge difference, especially if SEO is a large part of your marketing strategy.

The Differences between Miva vs. Magentodifference-judge-miva-vs-magento

When you look at the two systems next to each other, there are a few specific differences. Miva isn’t free, but it’s also not expensive, whereas Magento is free to download and use. With Magento, you must use PHP, while with Miva the language is custom. Magento doesn’t offer any reseller discounts or loyalty program either. However, with Magento, you can use product reviews and the wish list features, which you don’t get with Miva.

It really comes down to what you need and which company you choose to trust. While Miva Merchant brings over 14 years of experience to the table, which Magento doesn’t have, Magento isn’t exactly a new system. They may not have the 300,000+ licenses out there, but they’re not small either. Both companies provide excellent technical support and are used widely enough that many tutorials are available online to help with setup, design and more.

Both systems provides businesses with a great way to bring their products online. You can’t go wrong when you’re comparison comes down to Miva vs. Magento. Either choice will give you a highly capable system with plenty of user-friendly features. However, some businesses will need the benefits of one more than the other will. If you need to run multiple stores from the same administration area, Magento might be the better choice. However, if you plan to use custom programming language, Miva Merchant will provide a better solution.

hosting-decision-mivaFinalizing your Decision

It can be difficult to decide when it comes to Miva vs. Magento. If you’re unsure or confused about the right decision, you should always consult an expert developers before you finalize the decision. It’s better to get it right the first time than to start with one system and find out the other would have provided you better benefits later on. Take your time, compare a few systems and speak to a developer if you’re not sure about the choice between Miva vs. Magento

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