Comparing OS Commerce vs Miva for Your Shopping Cart Needs

ecommerce-shopping-cart-ladyThe shopping cart you choose for your ecommerce website makes a big difference. Some businesses need an easy to use system, while others need one capable of handling hundreds or even thousands of products. When looking at OS Commerce vs. Miva, you will find two different systems with the ability to help many businesses take their products online. Here’s a breakdown of both systems and the benefits.

The Advantages of OS Commerce

When you look at the OS Commerce system closely, it’s easy to see the many different advantages that come with the system. Benefits of OS Commerce include:

  • A Trusted System – OS Commerce is very popular and trusted by many users. They have a long history and provide a large community for support.OSCommerce-shopping-cart
  • Cost Effective Solution – With this system, you get a free download because it’s an open source software choice.
  • User-friendly – The software provides many great features, which are all very easy for even a beginner to use.
  • Fits with a Number of Different Business Types – Whether you need to run a large store or you need custom options, OS Commerce provides everything you need to sell inside the United States and Internationally.
  • Customizable – The system provides many flexible options to make it look and act the way you prefer.
  • Security – With the SSL encryption, you get the best security for your customers possible.
  • User Focused – With a system like OS Commerce, you can focus on your customers and the system will help you do exactly that. They system includes features for newsletters, email notifications, product reviews and more.

Overall, the OS Commerce system is great for those looking for custom options and those needing great support from a community of users. Most startup businesses and those planning to manage their own system will prefer OS Commerce over many other choices on the market.

The Advantages of Miva Merchant

miva-merchant-ecommerceOS Commerce fits with many business types, but so does Miva Merchant. This is a unique system with plenty of great features and benefits including:

  • Design Tools – With the Store Morph Technology you get full control over the design of your store. The build-in template allows you to modify pages for your specific store needs.
  • Catalog management – With Miva Merchant 5, you get more options for your catalog and product management. It provides the ability to use categories and sub-categories for all your needs.
  • Tracking and Merchandising – The inventory system allows you to track many parts of your store and your products. This makes it easier to help you get the most from your merchandising.
  • Order Processing – With the order processing part of the system, you can set custom shipping options including FedEx and USPS. You can integrate many different payment processing options to make it very easy for your customers to check out.
  • User-Friendly Administration Area – The admin area is very easy to use and many customers prefer the Miva control panel over many of the others on the market.

Disadvantages of Both Systems

Of course, the benefits and advantages of both systems are great, but you still have to look at the disadvantage of OS Commerce vs. Miva. Each system is perfect for specific types of businesses, but they do have a few drawbacks.

OS Commerce isn’t template driven and is a little harder to customize compared to some of the other systems on the market. The back-end can be a little harder to configure and the system doesn’t work quite as well for companies looking to carry thousands of products in their catalog.

With Miva Merchant, the disadvantages come mainly in the area of support. Some customers have complained about how long it takes to get someone to help and they have also stated the system doesn’t provide enough resources for support.

No matter which system you look at, you can find advantages and disadvantages. Some developers prefer one type of system over another and you really do need to look at your specific business needs compared to what each system provides.

The Overall Comparison of OS Commerce vs. Miva

When looking at both OS Commerce vs. Miva, they are both very good systems. If you need a less expensive option, OS Commerce might be the right solution. However, if you need to include a large amount of products in your catalog, Miva Merchant is a better choice for your need.

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