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buysafe-hostingGive Your Customers More Confidence with BuySAFE Hosting

Shopper confidence is very important online. If the potential customer doesn’t feel safe purchasing from your website, they will ultimately leave and find one of your competitors. BuySAFE helps increase the confidence customers have when purchasing from your website. However, this powerful program requires the best possible hosting for proper use.

What is BuySAFE?

BuySAFE provides online merchants with the ability to give their shoppers a guaranteed safe experience and added peace of mind. This powerful security program gives the merchant and the buyer many benefits. It provides Identity Theft Protection, a Purchase Guarantee and a Lowest Price Guarantee to the buyer. Along with these buyer benefits, merchant receive many benefits including:

  • Higher website conversions – 6% to 10% according to an A/B split test done by the company.
  • More repeat buyers
  • Higher value per order
  • A 20x ROI Guarantee
  • And More!

These benefits make BuySAFE a very powerful tool for both merchants and buyers.

Can Any Merchant Use BuySAFE?

The short answer is no. Due to the guarantees BuySAFE provides to the buyers, they don’t just allow any merchant to use their program. Instead, you must meet the minimum requirements, which include:

  • A proven track record of success
  • A commitment to delivering on the promises made to your buyers
  • Financial stability

These three requirements are very important to the overall reputation of BuySAFE. Merchants must apply to use the BuySAFE guaranteed program. Once the application has been filled out, the business owner will receive a decision, sometimes within minutes. After the approval of the application, the merchant can begin using BuySAFE immediately.

Installing and Using BuySAFE

Merchants can easily install and use BuySAFE in less than one hour. The program works with many different platforms including:

  • Volusion
  • Miva Merchant 5
  • X-Cart
  • Magento
  • Netsuite
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Loaded Commerce
  • AspDotNetStorefront
  • Yahoo!
  • Americommerce
  • And More!

Each platform comes with a platform specific installation guide. For other platforms, the universal installation guide is provided.

The installation includes threes snippets of code, which provide the Seal, Guarantee Notification and the Conversion Kicker. The installation is pretty easy, but if you don’t understand where and how to install the code, most good hosting support teams can assist you with the installation.

Why the Right Hosting Makes a Difference?

Whenever dealing with security issues and consumers, the right hosting makes a huge difference. If you don’t have a solid foundation, all the best programs in the world won’t make a difference. However, with the right BuySAFE hosting, you can provide many benefits to your buyers.

What Type of Hosting Does BuySAFE Work With?

BuySAFE will work with shared, VPS, reseller and dedicated hosting. It’s actually installed with HTML code, so it works with any time of hosting. However, matching the best hosting to your business will give you better results.

The volume of traffic will make the biggest difference when it comes to your hosting. If you receive a large volume of daily traffic, using BuySAFE with shared hosting could be an issue. Shared hosting can only handle a moderate amount of daily traffic. Too much traffic could slow down your website or interrupt the ordering process, if you use shared hosting.

VPS and dedicated server hosting provides the best experience for high traffic websites using BuySAFE. This type of hosting gives you the best possible security, your own resources and the ability to handle more traffic than shared hosting.

The Top BuySAFE Hosting Choice

ITX Design provides the best hosting for BuySAFE you will find online today. Our 99.999% uptime guarantee and award-winning technical support provides benefits you cannot find anywhere else. We give you the choice between multiple shared, VPS and dedicated hosting packages to fit your specific business needs.

When you choose to host your e-commerce website with ITX Design, you won’t have to worry about slow load times, downtime or any of the other common hosting issues. Our team of industry experts monitors server activity around the clock to ensure your visitors receive the best shopping experience possible.

Using BuySAFE with an ITX Design hosting package will give you the power you need to provide excellent buyer confidence. The order process won’t be interrupted and your customers will know they are shopping with a safe merchant.

If you’re ready to provide your buyers with the safe shopping experience they deserve, start with one of our top hosting packages. Once your website is ready to go live and you’re approved by BuySAFE, our support team will be happy to assist with the installation. Contact us with any questions you might have. We’re available 24/7/365.

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