What are the Main Types of Web Site Hosting?

serversThere are three main types of web site hosting you can choose from. You will have the choice to go with shared hosting, VPS hosting, or dedicated hosting. These are all quite different and the price reflects in the resources and tools you get.

Shared hosting is the cheapest of the packages and you will be on the same server as many other hosting accounts. This can cause issues if one of the accounts is using up a large amount of the resources. This is also not the most secure type of hosting, but if you are on a budget getting your site or blog up with shared hosting is possible.

VPS hosting will also put you on a server with others, but you actually purchase a partition of this server. This means you get more security and you get to use the resources all for yourself.

Dedicated hosting is the most expensive and basically you will be renting the entire server for yourself. This is the best type of web site hosting, but it does not fit every budget.

Why Free Website Hosting is a Waste of Your Time

Free Website Hosting and What to Expect
Many beginners want to start making an extra income online every single day and they seek out free website hosting for their project. However, if you choose free hosting, you will start out with making a mistake right from the beginning. If you want to make sure you don’t trip yourself up from decision one, don’t choose free website hosting.

Free website hosting gives you the ability to put up a website or blog, but you won’t own it. Since you will be forced to use a sub domain name from the main hosting site, you will not own the site itself. Sure, you can still profit from it, but you won’t see nearly as much profit as if you own your own domain name.

Not only to mention that, you will struggle with control. If the free hosting company decides to shut down, you lose everything. This will cause you to start over from scratch and that isn’t fun. Imagine building an income of a thousand dollars or more, then you wake up one morning and it’s all gone because of the hosting you chose.

More Issues from Free Website Hosting

Now, not all free hosting companies will display ads on your website, but many will. If they do, they are literally reaching into your pockets and stealing your profits. This can cost you hundreds or more every single month and you could have just used that money to get real hosting and make more money from your website.

If you want to really become successful online, you need full control and ownership of your websites and blogs. This means owning the domain name and buying real hosting. The funny thing is many beginners to internet marketing and website building will choose free website hosting to save a few bucks a month knowing it’s a horrible choice.

Shared hosting is much better than free hosting and you can get it for under $10 a month. If you can afford to pay for more than one year up front, you can actually get your hosting for under $5 a month. The bottom line is if you are not willing to invest $30 into your business, then $10 or less a month from there on out, then you should reconsider even starting a website or blog.

You need a domain name, which you can get for $20 a year or less and you need hosting, which you can get for $10 or less on a monthly plan. However, if you can invest more in your hosting up front, you can get it for much cheaper per month. Just remember, this is a business and if you choose free hosting, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Don’t choose Free Website Hosting
If you want to make extra money online or a full time income, you need the right foundation. There isn’t a single free hosting company that offers you the same options as shared hosting from a good company offers. You won’t get unlimited space and bandwidth with free hosting and the speed will be very slow. This will cost you money and keep you from the ultimate goal of an online income.

Instead, start with shared hosting and spend the few dollars to ensure you get exactly what you need. This will help you in many ways by providing better options and a full foundation for your website or blog. Just make sure you avoid the blunders of free website hosting and you will be well on your way to an online income.

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