Do you Need Specialized Hosting for Ecommerce?

ecommerce-hosting-specializedHosting comes in many forms. Some of the different types of hosting fit better for one project compared to another. Finding the right hosting for ecommerce will certainly make a difference.

How to Start Your Online Store

Your online store needs to run smoothing, quickly and securely. Customers don’t want to shop online in a potentially unsecure environment. If your ecommerce site load slowly or doesn’t offer the best security, customers will begin to wonder whether they should trust you.

Starting your online store has to begin with the right ecommerce hosting. When you choose a top hosting company with all the necessary ecommerce tools, the rest of the process becomes far easier.

Finding the Right Hosting for an Ecommerce Website

As you begin your search for the best ecommerce hosting, you must keep a few things in mind.

First, you need the most secure hosting possible. This means, if you can afford it, dedicated server hosting is the best choice. The second best choice is VPS hosting and nearly any online store can support the cost of VPS hosting.

Second, you need a hosting company with the best uptime guarantee possible. If your store goes down for more than a few seconds, you could lose customers, sales and profits. A 99.999% uptime guarantee is the only acceptable choice for great ecommerce hosting

Finally, a hosting company offering the best possible performance will give you everything you need. Just like downtime can cost you money, so can slow load times. You only get about eight seconds to capture the attention of a new visitor. If most of that time is spent waiting on the site to load, you may lose the customer to your competition.

When you find a hosting company able to offer you the best security, uptime and performance, you will be able to use their hosting for ecommerce.

How to Separate the Good from the Great Hosting Companies

Just about every hosting company online today can offer you a good hosting package. However, only a few can offer you great hosting. Good hosting comes with issues. They may not be present all the time, but they will show up at the worst times. Imagine going into your busiest season only to find out your hosting company cannot handle the spike in traffic to your site.

A great hosting company isn’t void of issues. However, they have a professional support staff providing you with the help you need and monitoring the servers 24/7. They have issues, but the support team takes care of the issues before they affect your website. This type of hosting company doesn’t struggle to handle spikes in traffic during your busiest season.

The easiest way to separate the good from the great, when it comes to ecommerce hosting is through their support team. A company offering good ecommerce hosting won’t respond very quickly and they might struggle to give you the support you really need. This type of company reacts to issues instead of staying ahead of them. You can usually find complaints about their support team online with a simple Google search.

When you find great hosting for ecommerce, you will know. The difference in attitude from the support team is quite evident. Since they only use the best professionals in the hosting industry, they understand how important your request is and they handle it immediately. There’s no substitute for great technical support.

ITX Design Offers Excellent Hosting for Ecommerce

If you’re searching for hosting that works with ecommerce applications, such as OpenCart, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, Miva Merchant and the many other choices, ITX Design is the right choice for you. Whether you can only afford shared hosting or you want better security with VPS or dedicated server hosting, we offer all three.

Our technical support team will help you any time of any day and we monitor our servers 24/7/365. At ITX Design, you will receive a 99.999% uptime guarantee and we only use the fastest performing servers and connections available.

Ecommerce hosting has never been so easy to use and so reliable. When you choose one of the hosting packages offered by ITX Design, you will get the best possible hosting for ecommerce websites available. Get started today by contacting our support team for a professional recommendation.

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