How to Write Evergreen Content That Doesn’t Go Stale

Maybe it’s the coffee, but this morning, I’ve been thinking about how much evergreen trees are like evergreen content. While the deciduous trees and shrubs around them change color and drop their leaves, evergreen trees hold fast to their much more substantial, hardier needles and leaves that are filled with a higher concentration of oils, which keep the leaves from freezing and dying like deciduous leaves do.

Humor me here, but isn’t that similar to the way more substantial, hardier content stays “fresh” for a long time, while the wimpy deciduous content falls away within days or weeks? It never changes, yet remains relevant and useful.

We talked about evergreen content before when we discussed repurposing old blog posts into fresh, new content. This is your guide to writing content that won’t die off this winter.

Great Blog PostWrite about something timeless

Remember, the key to evergreen content is that it doesn’t get old. It’s timeless, and that means it has nothing to do with current events, news, fashions, trends, or anything similar. Evergreen content deals with unchanging things–How to Create a Budget–instead of trendy topics–Best Shows to Watch on Netflix.

Write in specific formats

Some formats work better than others for evergreen content. Lists, guides and how-to’s, reviews, and videos are the most commonly used formats for evergreen content. These formats all make content easily digestible for your readers and are the most likely to provide real value to them. After all, how many times does a person consult a website to re-read an opinion piece? They don’t, but they will return to a website to read a recipe for their favorite dish or a guide on looking for a virtual receptionist.

  • Lists
  • Guides
  • How to’s
  • Reviews
  • Videos

Don’t reference the trendstrouser

Pay careful attention not just to your writing topic, but also the way you’re writing about it and making references to cultural interests and happenings.

Using current references and talking about trends is just not acceptable in evergreen content. It dates your work and makes it a less valuable reference later on, so avoid talking about current trends, fashions, and cultural events that won’t be remembered or in vogue within 6 months.

Expand on your niche

If your business is in a small niche of a larger market, use that to your advantage! It’s likely that there isn’t much competition online for evergreen content in your niche industry, so cover all the basics of your industry from a few different viewpoints to make sure you’re ranking well in search.

Base content around SEO keywords

Your evergreen content will do even more for your business if you write a few pieces each week about SEO keywords that have proven beneficial for your business. If you’re supplying good, evergreen content related to your best keywords, you’ll appear in search each time someone is looking for information like yours.

Make it for everyone

Unless your niche is filled with experts on your topic (like biologists, for example), don’t write your evergreen content for experts or professors. Make sure anyone can read and understand your content and it will get shared and read more often. Keep your viewpoint general and don’t assume your readers know more than they do.

Narrow it down

If you need to improve your content, consider narroNiche Bloggerwing the topics down. Although it may be against your instincts at first, more refined topics have an easier time finding and connecting with their audiences.
They also face less competition on the web. What sounds better: 5 Jobs Introverts Should Never Do or The Best Jobs for Your Personality?

Your business plans on being around for a long time, so your content should, too. Follow these tips to make sure you’re producing evergreen, applicable content that provides real value to your readers and withstands the test of time.

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