How can you Make your Digital Presence Better?

Digital PresenceYou may be struggling with improving your digital presence. Having a solid digital presence is really important to businesses and bloggers because it’s what allows you to drive traffic to your site, get people sharing your content on social media, and allow you to be profitable online. You may have a modest online presence right now, but it’s time to enhance the quality and join the competition.

Consumers will find someone else to keep up with that offers a better experience if you don’t keep up and get in the same. A solid, quality digital presence is vital to your business and requires you to take a look at your design, the quality of your images, how relevant you are, and if you’ve made yourself available on mobile devices. Here is a look at how to improve these areas.

The design

Perhaps your design could use some improvement. If it doesn’t look very professional or it’s simple lacking, you may want to put the effort in this category. Get a great new theme with plugins that will enhance the design and functionality of your site. it will help you look more legitimate and meet the high expectations of consumers.

Your images are low res

High Res ImagesSometimes people want to use several low resolution photos to make sure their blog is fast loading. In some cases, it’s better to offer fewer photos and make them a higher quality. Make sure they relate to the importance of the design, your business, and are necessary. Use photos you’ve taken or choose a few great stock photos and keep it simple.

Are you relevant?

Some websites simply aren’t relevant or current. Make sure you are keeping content fresh and using current references or trends. Expired promotions should be removed and date-sensitive content needs to stay current.


Mobile FriendlyIf you have everything else looking great but you forgot to update your design to be responsive to your mobile users, this may be where your problem is. It’s become a necessity to be mobile-friendly, so be sure to set up your site to respond to mobile devices. Most of your users will look at your site on their phones and tablets compared to laptops and desktops.

Lastly, be sure to Google yourself to see where you should up in search engine rankings, watch your online reviews, and be more social by engaging on social media.

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