Is it Time to Redesign Your Website?

Website RedesignA website redesign is a huge undertaking. You may have to spend a few thousand dollars to get it done right or have employees give up countless hours. However, there are times when a redesign is necessary.

Understanding when you need to update your website is important. Even though a redesign is a huge undertaking, it can also mean better SEO, better navigation, higher conversions and many other great things. Here are some of the ways to figure out when a website makeover is necessary.

Has it been more than 2 to 5 years?

Every two to five years, you need to update your website. Design changes and you need to keep up. When your site starts to look dated, you may be losing conversions and profits. If it has been at least two years since you updated your site, it might be time for a makeover.

No Longer Matches your Brand

Whenever you make changes to your brand and company colors, you need to change your website. There are times when it’s necessary to update your site because your brand has changed. If this is the case, you need to update your website to match your brand properly.

Your Site isn’t Mobile-Friendly

Mobile-friendlyThe biggest red flag is how mobile-friendly your site is currently. If it’s not mobile-friendly, it’s time for a full overhaul. This is not only costing you visitors, but also killing your SEO and your conversions. You need the most mobile-friendly site possible to ensure you get the most out of your ranking and the most out of your website, overall.

Conversions are very Low

ProfitsIf conversions have dropped off or they are just lower than they should be, you need to overhaul your website. This is a good time to make sure your website is doing what it should be doing with updated content, images and design.

There are many times when a redesign of your website may be necessary. These are some of the major signs that it’s time to get the most out of your website with a full redesign.

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