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How to Ensure Your Website is Timeless

When you design your website, you are probably considering more of the here and now rather than the long-term plan behind your design and function. It may be wise to think of your website in more of a long-term way and design it to have a timeless appeal. This is a great attitude to have about your brand and your work, because the goal is to serve people with your products and services for years to come. Make sure your website shows that you aren’t going anywhere and that you want to help others for generations to come. Having a …

How Important is Website Design and your CMS?

Website Design and CMS

Have you put much thought into your website’s design and theme? It may seem like a less important aspect of running a website or blog, but it’s a portion of the site that can add or decrease value. People want to look at a website that is easy on the eyes, enjoyable, and professional. If you can find ways to enhance any of these elements, you would be wise to do so. Being successful online requires many elements such as great content, the ability to shop online at your store, and your brand having a professional image in all of …

Why is Your Website Turning Your Potential Customers Off?

Turning Off Customers

Have you wondered if something about your website was turning off prospective clients? What is it that intrigues someone to view your website but then to never contact you to do business? Having a website is really important to running your business so it’s of total and utter importance that your website is running at optimal quality. A slow loading page with bad photos that can’t be viewed on a mobile device is an example of companies that don’t get contacted for business by potential customers. With the constant evolving of the internet, it’s important to have a site that …

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