Use this Free WordPress Plugin for Easy Online Scheduling

Did you know there is the perfect plugin for WordPress that lets you easily schedule appointments online? This handy appointment management plugin for WordPress can make your website even more convenient to you and your clients. It’s a hassle-free experience that poorly-made, expensive plugins of the past just haven’t been able to live up to.

Your bookings can now be easily scheduled and managed with the Appointments plugin which is even free to users. Now that you’re saving time and money with the new plugin with this easy to install plugin, you can now focus on more pressing tasks that your business needs handled. Here is a look at what this great new plugin can do for you.

About Appointments

Appointments Plugin

Through the Appointments plugin, your clients can now book their own appointment with a few clicks of the mouse. It’s a timesaving option that is making clients happier and website owners happier because it’s saving on phone calls, emails and issues found with older, expensive plugins that didn’t work well. For companies booking manually, this is a great lifesaver.

Who is using Appointments? Many industries are already seeing benefits from this feature like consultants, freelancers, photographers and hair salons. Any business that needs to book appointments with clients can benefit from the plugin for you and your users. The flexible tool has great features and it’s easy to use right from your WordPress site.


WordPress Appointments

Along with setting appointments in three easy clicks, the plugin is easy to for managing your clients, staff and bookings. You can even use it to collect payments automatically through PayPal and collect deposits on bookings. Let it help you with email reminders and confirmations as well as with customization of the calendar and styling. In addition, the plugin can do tasks including:

  • Create services and add staff members
  • Book appointments one year in advance
  • Integrate for any theme with shortcodes
  • Autofill your repeat clients
  • Set unavailable dates and times
  • Supports multiple break times
  • Manage appointments in Google Calendar
  • Login with Facebook, Google+, Twitter and WordPress
  • And much more!

More about these great features

Appointment Example

If you’re accustomed to scheduling on Google calendar, you can easily integrate it into your new Appointments plugin. This will save you the time on custom development work and your clients will have a one click process to add their own Google calendar before booking.

You’ll be able to easily customize it so that your whole team of people has their own profiles, available time slots on display for clients to see and a useful way for streamlining your appointment management. Make your calendar customized to match your branding in order to keep visual consistency.

The new plugin will eliminate the need to go back and forth on emails or phone calls to schedule appointments. Simply create custom pages like a booking page for scheduling, a booking confirmation to remind your clients about the time they chose and cancellations for clients that can’t make it in.

How do I get the plugin?

You can get started with Appointments in no time by installing the plugin. Make sure you backup your site before making changes or you can create a local installation to safely try it out before installing it. Once you have it installed, you can start customizing it to meet your company’s needs. You can configure the settings in the admin dashboard where tons of options are available like the time duration for appointments, color options and more.

Why is there an option that costs money?

Payment For Appointment

While the free plugin probably offers everything you need, some businesses may want to upgrade to the premium plugin for a small charge. It offers more features than the free version which may work better for some. Start off with the free option to see how it works for you and if you need more options, you can upgrade as your business grows. The premium plugin offers options like:

  • Blacking out dates and times
  • Limited appointment booking
  • Gravatar support
  • Form autofill for your repeat clients
  • Display weekly and monthly schedules

Appointments+ can do everything that Appointments can do plus these great features. You may want to upgrade if you find that you offer multiple services, your staff is growing and your customers are complaining of having to fill out a new form each time they book.

Check out the free WordPress plugin Appointments to make your business run a little smoother.

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