Finding an Excellent Dedicated Server in the USA for Your Hosting

usa dedicated serverHosting is a vital part of any online business. Without excellent hosting, you’re throwing money away every single day. The right dedicated server in the USA will make a huge difference for your website, blog and other online projects.

Why do You need a Dedicated Server in the USA?

Dedicated servers are found all over the globe, but those found in the United States provide specific benefits for your website. Most of the top hosting companies are USA companies. If your business is predominantly done in North America, a USA dedicated server is the only way to go.

Should You Spend the Money for a Dedicated Server?

Many businesses face the decision to stick with shared hosting, a Virtual Private Server or upgrade to their very own dedicated server. Sometimes this decision is based on your specific budget, while other times, a dedicated server is the only viable option.

If you need incredible security, a dedicated server is your only option. Since shared and VPS hosting both put you on a server with other hosting accounts, you won’t get the same level of security as a dedicated server provides.

Many other benefits come from a dedicated server and this is the only hosting option for high traffic websites, as well. Too much traffic and you will crash a shared server, which will cost you customers and profits. VPS hosting can handle more traffic than shared, but there’s a limit to the size of VPS account you can get. When you reach this limit, a dedicated server becomes your only option.

The Best Support Comes from a United States-Based Hosting Company

Just because you find a dedicated server in the USA doesn’t mean you will receive North American-based technical support. This should be a very important factor in your hosting decision.

Most hosting companies outsource their support to an overseas company based in India or the Philippines. If this is the case, getting the help you need could be very difficult. In addition, the servers used may not be monitored as well as those from a USA-based hosting company with North American support.

Finding a hosting company using only North American technical support and server monitoring will make a huge difference. You won’t have to deal with a language barrier, time difference or any of the other issues that come with outsourced, overseas hosting support.

The Most Important Factors in Any Hosting Decision

Before you finalize your hosting decision, there are a few important factors to consider:

  • Hosting Company Reputation – The reputation of the company you choose will make a huge difference.
  • Technical Support – Must be available 24/7/365 with multiple support options, such as telephone, online chat and email.
  • Multiple Packages – If the company only offers one-size-fits-all dedicated server hosting, they won’t allow you to grow.
  • Features – Getting a feature-rich dedicated hosting package will help with future projects.
  • Uptime Guarantee – Uptime is vital to your success and you need the best uptime guarantee possible.
  • Cost – The price is important, but it should never be the deciding factor.

After looking at these important factors, it should be much easier to find the right dedicated server hosting in the USA.

A USA-Based Company with North American Support

ITX Design is not only based in the United States, but also uses only North American technical support and server monitoring. The support team consists of hosting industry experts ready to help you with any issue you encounter.

When you choose one of the four dedicated server hosting packages offered by ITX Design, you get a 99.999% uptime guarantee, 24/7/365 technical support from an award-winning team, all the most popular features and an affordable price. Our hosting is the best you will find and we are based in the United States.

A dedicated server provides many advantages for your business. However, if you don’t have a reliable hosting company backing up your hosting package, it won’t matter. It’s important to choose the absolute best hosting company you can find. ITX Design provides better dedicated servers in the USA than any other choice. Get started today with one of our affordable dedicated hosting packages.

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