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cheap-dedicated-serverA Cheap Dedicated Server Could be a Hosting Mistake

Cheap is a relative word, especially in the hosting industry. It seems like everybody is searching for the lowest price, which constitutes cheap hosting. However, what you really get with a cheap dedicated server or any other type of cheap hosting is less value.

Not only should you be searching for an affordable price for your hosting, but also a company capable of providing value. For businesses searching for a dedicated server, the monthly cost will often be covered in less than one day of online transactions. However, if you choose a cheap dedicated server, you may end up losing more time and more money.

What is a Dedicated Server?

Maybe you’re not familiar with dedicated hosting and you’ve just been told you should use a cheap dedicated server for your hosting. Understanding what a dedicated server is will help you make a better decision.

A dedicated server is the computer used to store the information necessary for your website. When a visitor accesses a page on your website, essentially, they are accessing the server through a web browser.

Dedicated hosting is known as the absolute best hosting available. It’s also the most expensive. With a dedicated server, you gain better security, the ability to handle a larger volume of traffic and many other benefits compared to shared or VPS hosting packages.

Why is a Cheap Dedicated Server a Mistake?

Cheap doesn’t just mean a lower price. Cheap also means less customer service, less support, fewer features and, sometimes, outdated technology. You may save a few dollars on the cost, but you will also lose some of the benefits you can get from a better dedicated hosting choice.

If you don’t get the best possible server and hosting company, you could experience slow load times and downtime. When your website loads just one second slower than your competitor’s you lose ranking in the search engines and profits. It gets worse if you experience long periods of downtime. When visitors cannot access your site at all, you might as well board up the windows and doors because they think you’re out of business.

Avoiding bad hosting is a necessity if your business is large enough to require dedicated server hosting. This means you need to choose a company with the right technology, a professional support staff, a great uptime guarantee, a full backup service and all the features you need for your specific project.

What Should You Look for With Dedicated Hosting?

Your website is vital to your success and every single day it becomes even more important. Without a consistent online presence, you will lose customers and profits. The right dedicated hosting company will help you maintain a great online reputation and provide both cost-saving and money-making benefits. Some of the most important things to look for in a dedicated hosting company include:

  • Managed Servers
  • Great Technical Support
  • Full Back up Services
  • Multiple Server Options
  • Lots of Features and Scripts
  • And Plenty More!

The most important factor in any hosting decision is the support you get from the company. Things happen and when you have an issue, it’s important to know you can get it fixed quickly. Great support also provides a look at how reliable the servers are and the quality of hosting provided.

Top Dedicated Servers from ITX Design

Instead of pulling your hair out as you scour the internet for good dedicated servers, at a reasonable price, just choose ITX Design. We provide four levels of dedicated server hosting and our packages are fully managed. With us, you gain the benefit of an experience technical support team based in North America.

Whether you just need a small dedicated server or you need a large server with multiple cores, we have a package to fit your needs. Our award-winning support team is available to answer any questions you might have, 24/7/365. We may not provide cheap dedicated servers, but we do provide affordable dedicated hosting packages and offer you peace of mind.

Hosting with ITX Design means you can concentrate on growing your business. You could choose one of the cheapest dedicated server hosting companies online and spend all your time trying to get your questions answers or you can choose a company with the best hosting support in the industry. If you’re not sure which package fits best or you just need a few questions answered, contact our support team and we will be happy to help.

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