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reliable-dedicated-serverDo You Need a Reliable Dedicated Server for Hosting?

Hosting for your web project comes in a number of different forms ranging from shared hosting to dedicated server hosting. Shared hosting is the cheapest type of hosting, but it’s not able to handle the same types of web projects as dedicated hosting.

Most websites running on shared hosting experience more downtime and slower load times as they grow. When this happens, it may be time to upgrade to VPS hosting or a dedicated server.

Maybe you’re already at the highest level of VPS hosting and you know the only step left is to find a reliable dedicated server for your hosting needs. If this is the case, you need to make sure you get the right type of hosting for your specific needs.

Understanding Dedicated Hosting

With a dedicated server, you get the best possible hosting on the planet. This type of server can handle large traffic sites, multiple web projects and more. When you choose a reliable dedicated server for your hosting needs, you don’t have to worry about any other hosting account using the resources of the server.

Shared hosting places hundreds of hosting accounts on the same server and they all fight over the resources in a “first come, first serve” fashion. If one of the accounts uses up a large amount of the resources, it can cause the rest of the accounts to experience slower load times.

Upgrading to VPS hosting will help, but you will still be sharing a server. VPS hosting provides a type of hosting with a partition of the resources of the server assigned to your hosting account. This solves some of the issues of shared hosting, but doesn’t provide the highest level of security or performance.

A reliable dedicated server will give you all the resources for your needs and will allow you to customize the security however you’d like. This provides faster load times and the ability to handle more traffic to your site without any slowdowns.

Are all Dedicated Servers Reliable?

If every dedicated server was reliable and they were all the same, you could just pick out the company with the lowest price. However, since all dedicated server are not created equal, price isn’t the only thing to factor into your decision.

Choosing the right hosting company for your dedicated hosting needs will make a big difference. The support, the resources and the type of server matters when it comes to your hosting account. If the company doesn’t provide the absolute best support, they probably don’t provide the most reliable dedicated servers for your hosting.

The resources you get with your package do matter and this will depend on the type of web project you’re planning. You want to look at the RAM provides, the disk space, the number of cores and the bandwidth or transfer. All of these resources vary and your project may require more than another project does.

Upgrading Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

When you choose to host your web projects with a reliable dedicated server from ITX Design, you can upgrade at any time without it causing issues. Start with the smallest dedicated server and upgrade as your business grows.

In fact, you can start with shared hosting, upgrade to VPS hosting, work your way through our four VPS hosting options and upgrade to dedicated server hosting from there. No matter what type of hosting you need, we have the solution for you.

Why Technical Support Matters So Much

Many of the hosting companies offering dedicated server hosting are very similar, at first glance. However, the best and most reliable dedicated hosting companies provide the best technical support team, available 24/7. If you don’t have the best support, it may cause issues as you grow.

Testing the support and finding out they don’t respond very fast or don’t have the right answers for your issues, may be a result of larger problems. Most hosting companies with slow support response times have server issues. This causes a high volume of requests and their support team simply cannot handle the volume.

However, top hosting companies offering reliable dedicated servers won’t have an issue responding to your support request quickly. They won’t have the same high volume of support requests because the reliable servers are not causing issues with hosting accounts.

At ITX Design, we provide award-winning technical support with fast response times. Our team of hosting experts is available every hour, of every day. If you want to make sure you get the best and most reliable dedicated server for your hosting, choose one of the dedicated hosting packages from ITX Design.


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