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rss-feedsWhat are the Best RSS Feed Creators and Readers Available?

An RSS Feed is very important to your blog and provides a great way to get your information out there. You can use this tool to allow others to follow you, display your content on their site and provides you with many benefits. Here’s an introduction to the best RSS feed creators and readers found online today.

Best RSS Feed Creators

If you need to create an RSS feed for your blog, you can do it easily with the top RSS feed creators listed below.


Known as the best web feed management product out there without a charge, Feedburner comes from Google. It was originally created in 2004 and later bought by Google in 2007. Feedburner allows bloggers and webmasters to easily create RSS feeds and provides an easy way to publish those feeds to other websites.  Here’s an example of the ITX Design feed on Feedburner.


Another choice for creating your RSS feed is Feedity. This is an automatic feed generator and makes it very easy to create an RSS feed for any type of website or blog.


If you want to use a feed generator for specific pages on your website, FeedYes is a great choice. This RSS feed creator allows you to put the headlines on your website and it’s designed specifically for beginners.


The simple registration makes Feedfire a good choice for your RSS feed creation. With just the URL of any page, you can create an RSS feed.


Creating Widgets and tracking content has never been easier. Dapper provides an easy way to both create an RSS feed and track the results. They provide some of the most extensive features of any of the best RSS feed creators.

These are the top choices for an RSS feed creator, but that’s just one part of the picture. If you’re looking for the top RSS feed readers, the choices below will provide just what you need.

Google Reader – DEAD

This used to be one of the best RSS feed readers out there, but it has since been killed. Google got rid of it when they did their “spring cleaning” and no longer does Google Reader provide the services many enjoyed using.


An alternative to Google Reader is NewzCrawler. This is a great RSS news feed reader and provides a very easy-to-use interface. The reader is full of features and provides the ability to post to blogs.

Omea Reader

Another good reader to replace Google Reader is Omea Reader. This RSS feed reader provides a smooth experience perfectly tailored for your reading style. You can organize and customize the reader for the way you prefer to receive your information.


If you want a clean RSS feed reader, this is a good choice. You can enjoy the well throughout-out product with an easy to configure reader. The features are very comprehensive and provide everything you will need.

Blog Navigator

Blog Navigator is one of the more sophisticated RSS feed readers and provides plenty of powerful features. You can use this top RSS feed reader to archive articles offline and even search folders. It may have a few rough edges, but it’s still one of the top choices.

Awasu Personal Edition

The Awasu RSS feed reader allows you to do many things. It has a ton of features and you can even enhance the RSS feed reader with plug-ins and hooks. As one of the most powerful aggregators, Awasu is a top choice.


Another one of the best RSS feed readers comes from SharpReader. This choice allows you to add news and blogs in logical order. You can search through folders and use many other feature provided.

All of these readers can help you organize the news and blogs you enjoy reading. These are the best RSS feed readers online today and they all provide something a bit unique for your specific needs.

Whether you need to create an RSS feed for your blog, website or specific webpages or you need an RSS reader, the list above can help you find the right choice. RSS feeds are very important and a great way to receive your news. Use any of the best RSS feed creators and readers above for all your RSS needs.

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