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cloud-dedicated-server-hostUnderstanding What Cloud Dedicated Servers are and How they Work

It seems that the word “cloud” is the most popular buzz word today. Apple has the iCloud, while Microsoft started using the slogan, “To the cloud” a while back. Everything is about putting it on the cloud or saving it to the cloud, but what does all that mean? What is a cloud dedicated server and how does it benefit you?

Definition of a Cloud Dedicated Server

A cloud dedicated server is simply a server accessible from anywhere you can get an internet connection. This type of hosting service provides the ability for multiple users to store files to the “cloud” and everybody has access to them. It can be set up to include shared file folders and private file folders.

The Main Benefits of a Cloud Server

Cloud hosting and servers come along with many benefits including:

  • Incredible Freedom – It’s possible to customize the server software specifically for you. From the operating system to the security software, you can set up your cloud dedicated server however you’d like.
  • Inexpensive – Cloud hosting tends to be more cost-effective than many other types of hosting. Typically, you gain access to more resources for the same price compared to a traditional dedicated server.
  • Security and Stability – Since the cloud dedicated server is isolated, you receive better security and stability. Other cloud servers cannot harm your’s and you can’t hurt theirs. If somebody overloads their cloud server, it’s not your issue and won’t slow yours down.
  • Very Scalable – Upgrading the resources of cloud servers is very easy and affordable.

These are just a few of the many benefits of a cloud server. Many large and small companies are using this type of hosting to gain better flexibility, customization, stability, speed and security.

The Difference Between Public and Private Cloud Hosting

Before you jump on the bandwagon and decide you want to use cloud hosting, it’s important to understand what type of cloud server you need. Public cloud hosting is far different than private, but yet very similar.

You may already be using public cloud storage from one of the big players, such as Google, Microsoft or Apple. If you use SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or any other program of this nature, you’re essentially using public cloud storage space assigned to you.

A private cloud is one set up with the same type of structure, but requires granted access. Companies may use a typical dedicated server in this way to allow access for employees across the globe. This can provide added benefits of faster transactions, a central storage location for files and an easier way to share things with clients.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Of course, with any type of technology, there are disadvantages that come along with the advantages. Shared hosting provides a cheaper price, but cannot handle high traffic volumes, while VPS hosting can handle more traffic, but it’s more expensive. There’s always a little give and take. Here are a few key disadvantages of cloud computing.

Data Transfer Times

If you own an iPhone and you’ve ever tried to back it up to the iCould, you already understand this disadvantage. When you move a large amount of data to the cloud, it can be very time consuming. A faster internet connection can help to solve this issue, however. You can also set your system up to do all the backups and large data transfers during off-peak hours.

Slight Delay

Since the information you’re trying to access isn’t directly on your computer, there’s often a slight delay. Google Drive users may have experienced this when they save something to their Google Drive and try to access it from another computer. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to update before you gain access.


You won’t have control over your servers, which means you cannot simply fix an outage. However, if you choose a cloud hosting company with great technical support, they will handle these issues for you without a problem.

These are three of the most common disadvantages of using a cloud dedicated server. There are more disadvantages if you use a public cloud compared to a private cloud. With the private cloud, you gain more control and can eliminate many of the disadvantages.

Overall, cloud computing is very powerful and provides the right option for many businesses. However, this type of hosting may not fit for all businesses. Consider the benefits of a cloud dedicated server before making your final decision.

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