DIY Your Blog vs. Outsourcing to VAs, Writers and Others

Business BlogAs a small business owner, running your business, your website and your blog can become overwhelming very fast. Not everybody is great at writing content or designing everything necessary for a successful blog. Even though it may be less expensive to work on your blog yourself, it may take up more of your time and you may not be an expert at everything necessary.

Saving money by cutting corners isn’t always going to really save you in the long run. You can take advantage of the blogging opportunity without spending your entire day trying to come up with fresh content. Getting the most out of your blog can be done when you outsource to virtual assistants, writers and others.

Using VAs for Your Blog

A virtual assistant or VA can do quite a bit to help reduce your workload. Not only can they help out with some of the blogging tasks you need done, but they may also be able to help you with other daily tasks for your business. Most will help you with social media sharing, blog maintenance, some graphic design, some writing, research, repurposing current content and a few other services.

Usually a VA is an inexpensive way to handle some of the easy, yet time-consuming tasks associated with your blog. Not every VA is the same. Some will provides additional services outside of the ordinary, while others will only provide the most basic services. However, they can really help save you time and for only a small hourly fee.

Many of the VA services will use specific tools you don’t want to spend the money for to help with social media sharing, email marketing and other parts of your blog. They may also help with some SEO tasks. You can expect to pay about $15 to $25 per hour for a really good VA, but some will perform limited tasks for a much lower cost.


Writer for BlogFor most small businesses, one writer is going to be enough to handle the blog workload. However, if you run a very successful blog, you may want two or three writers to post multiple times per week. If you’re just starting out, you may only need a few blog posts per week from your writer.

It’s best to hire a writer based on their quality of work and willingness to stick to a schedule with your blog. Usually, a writer charging less than $0.03 per word isn’t going to provide much experience or the quality you may be looking for. If you want well-researched articles, interesting topics and a writing style perfect for your blog, expect to pay $0.05 per word and up.

When you hire a writer, they should be able to take over the writing portion of your blog. They will write the content, schedule it on your blog and make sure it’s set up for success. Writers may not handle all of your image needs, however. If you pay them a little extra, you can set up an account with an image service and ask them to use images within your blog posts.

The biggest benefit of a writer is the simple fact that you will save a ton of time. If writing isn’t something that comes natural to you or it’s not something you’re good at, hiring somebody to handle your blog posts is the best way to go.

Using Other Services

There are other services you can outsource to in order to ensure you get the most out of your blog. Some will help with social media, while others will help with image creating, design and the backend of your blog. Of course, every service cost money, but most will save you plenty of time.

DIY Your Blog

DIY Your BlogMaybe you think you can take it all on yourself. Your budget is tight or you simply want to be in control of the content and the marketing of your blog. While you might save some money, you can expect to dedicate at least 5 hours a week to your blog. This will include writing a few blog posts, sharing on social media, marketing your blog, building the SEO site of thing and more. For those looking to build a highly successful blog, expect to spend 10 to 20 hour per week working on it.

The decision is ultimately yours, but most small business owners will benefit from hiring experts to help with their blog. Even if you only hire a skilled writer and you handle the rest yourself, you will save a ton of time and you will ensure you have high quality content for your blog. Make sure you take the time to consider both route before you decide to handle all of the tasks of running a good blog yourself.

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