Can you Grow Your Blog While Taking a Vacation?

Vacation BloggingYou may think, as a blogger, you don’t get to go on vacation unless you run a vacation blog. However, you’ve worked hard and you deserve a vacation. Not only do you need the time to rest, but you also need a chance to spend time with family and get your mind off work.

You don’t have to put your blog on pause or stop adding content just to take a break. There are ways to take a vacation and continue to grow your blog while you’re gone. Here are some of the top ways to make sure your blog isn’t neglected while you’re gone.

Schedule Content

One of the easiest ways to take a vacation and still post to your blog is to schedule content. Most platforms will allow you to create blog posts and schedule these posts to go live at a later date. If you know you have a vacation coming up, you can do an extra post or two each week for the month before to cover your content needs, while gone.

Scheduling content is the most common and most preferred way to cover your vacation. You will basically put your blog on automatic. However, you won’t be able to answer any comments if you take a real vacation, as you shouldn’t be paying any attention to your blog, while you’re gone. If you plan to be gone for multiple weeks, you could schedule an hour or two each week to answer comments, but no other time.

Hire a Writer

WriterAnother great way to ensure you have content while on vacation and whenever you’re not able to write is to hire a writer. There are several talented writers capable of putting up high quality content for your blog. It can even be very beneficial to have a second voice on your blog as they may attract visitors you don’t attract.

If you hire a writer, you will have to pay them, but if they are just covering your vacation, it’s probably worth it. You can still pick the topics and create outlines for the writer or you can let them run with it. It’s best to test out your writer before you leave to ensure they will deliver on-time, high quality content.

Find Guest Posters

In some cases, you can find guest posters and ask them to create content for your blog while you’re gone. You may give them a login as a writer/author and let them post the content themselves. However, if you want peace of mind, have them send you the content ahead of time, so you can preview it and post it yourself. Then, just schedule it out for the time you’ll be gone.

Revive Old Content

Old ContentIf you’re in a pinch and don’t have time to write yourself, hire a writer or get guest posts, you can use the revive old content strategy. This strategy would include featuring old, still relevant posts on your blog in the form of a sticky or in a menu of some sorts. This can also be done through plugins on social media to gain traffic from old posts.

This is a bit of a cheat, as you’re not adding new content, but can work in a pinch to ensure you have content going out to your readers.

No matter the strategy you choose, it’s still possible to grow your blog while you’re gone. In fact, many bloggers get all their writing done the first week or so of the month and take the rest of the time to work on other things.

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