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dedicated-ip-addressWhy Should You Consider a Dedicated IP?

When you start comparing different hosting packages, you will notice some offer a dedicated IP as a part of the package or an add-on. Whether it comes as a part of your package or not, you can certainly get one for a reasonable price with most hosting companies.

Do you Need to Buy a Dedicated IP?

Many experts in the hosting industry and the SEO industry have debated the need for a dedicated IP for years. There are certainly advantages to using one and, as always, a few disadvantages.

What is a Dedicated IP and What does it do?

Before you can fully understand what a dedicated IP is, you must first understand how an IP address works.

An IP address tells internet traffic where to go. It’s similar to a zip code or a postal code, but for the internet.

Most shared hosting accounts use a shared IP address. This means dozens of different websites are using the same IP address. This doesn’t cause any issues with your websites because your hosting company will use software to properly interpret requests on the same IP.

When you choose a dedicated IP address for your hosting account, you are the only one using it. You may serve multiple websites form that IP address, but you are in full control of it and you don’t share it with other hosting accounts on the server.

How does a Dedicated IP Help with SEO?

SEO experts will argue two main points in favor of using a dedicated IP: one, better ranking and two, more site trust.

When it comes to your site’s overall search engine optimization, becoming a trusted site in Google’s eyes is very important. Even though there’s no solid proof showing any true SEO benefit to using a dedicated IP, it’s highly recommended by many SEO experts.

Since Google does use IP addresses in their ranking algorithm, it can be helpful to use a dedicated IP for your websites. If you share the IP address and one of the sites you share it with isn’t trusted by Google, it could change your ranking. This can also play a factor with sites linking to your site.

When it comes to spam, Google tends to distrust sites sharing an IP, if they share it with spammers or any sites violating their “best practices.” You cannot control which sites you share the IP with, but you can use a dedicated IP to ensure this isn’t an issue.

Of course, this is just a theory, as with many other things in the SEO industry. It’s not clear cut because Google is better at keeping secrets than just about any other massive company on the planet.

Major Benefits of Using a Dedicated IP

Since the SEO benefits are not clear cut, we must look at a few of the major benefits you gain with a dedicated IP. This will help make the decision between spending the money or saving it for another part of your business. Some of the major benefits include:

  • Control – You can do more with your hosting account with a dedicated IP.
  • Ability to host your own SSL certificate
  • Ability to run an FTP server from the IP address
  • Ability to run a gaming server from the IP address
  • Speeds up your load times some
  • Less overall downtime
  • Provides the ability to access your PC remotely

These are just a few of the many benefits of a dedicated IP address. It’s not a requirement for your website, nor is it always necessary. However, a dedicated IP address does provide a few major benefits for your website and your hosting account.

Does ITX Design Offer Dedicated IP Address with Hosting Accounts?

ITX Design can provide you with a dedicated IP address for any hosting account. The charge for this add-on is $2 per month. That’s a small price to pay to get the many benefits provided from your own dedicated IP address.

Once you choose your hosting package and go through the registration process, just contact our support team with your requests. We will be happy to set up your dedicated IP address and ensure you can take advantage of all the benefits coming with this hosting option.

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