Choosing a Dedicated Managed Server Gives You More for Your Money

server-roomSome of the best hosting you will find comes from a dedicated managed server. This makes it affordable for anybody to use the best hosting online, if you choose the right company. Some hosting companies charge far too much money for this type of hosting and they don’t give you all the features and support you need. With the right company, you get fully managed hosting, complete with backups, full security, patching and 24/7 support.

The Benefits

Choosing a dedicated managed server for your website hosting comes with many benefits. This is the best way to gain full control over your hosting, along with the ability to customize any of the features you prefer. With this type of hosting, you gain incredible scalability, reliability, security and so much more. Here’s a breakdown of what you get with dedicated server hosting.

Better Security

Compared to shared and VPS hosting, you get better security from dedicated managed hosting. The quality data center you get with ITX will provide everything you need, including the best security of any hosting company. The right software with regular updates will provide you with advanced security options you can’t get with any other type of hosting.


Unless you’re company is in the IT industry, you need someone capable of providing the maximum uptime for your website, blog and any other online projects. You don’t need the burden of hiring an entire staff dedicated to managing your hosting servers. Dedicated managed server hosting takes the burden off you and allows you to get all the benefits you need.


With full support provided by the best hosting companies, such as ITX Design, you get the benefit of an experienced team ready to help no matter when you need it. The certified staff at ITX Design will monitor your server 24/7 and take care of any issues before they become a problem for you.


As you grow, you may need more space and resources. With managed dedicated hosting servers, you can usually get more space easily without migrating to a new hosting company. You need to be able to grow your business and this type of hosting gives you the ability to grow to any size.

Who is Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Right For?

Not everybody can afford or needs dedicated managed server hosting. However, those looking for the best possible hosting, with the most resources, need a dedicated server. This leaves you with only a few options.

You can hire a full IT staff, spend thousands of dollars on your own server(s) and take on the high overhead of providing monitoring for your websites and hosting. This can become very expensive, very fast, but does provide you with complete control, since you own the server(s) and hire the staff.

However, many companies cannot afford to pay a full-time IT staff or spend tens of thousands of dollars for good servers. If you don’t have that type of budget, dedicated managed server hosting is the perfect option for your needs. This type of hosting allows you to get the same benefits for a low monthly fee.

With dedicated hosting managed by the company providing the server, you can get a reliable and secure server for as little as $179 per month. This means you get all the same benefits of in-house dedicated server hosting without the high cost. You won’t need to interview hosting experts and IT personnel. You won’t have to pay high salaries for the experts in the industry and you won’t need to pay for the maintenance on your servers.

If you want the most out of your hosting, you need to consider the value you get from the potential company providing the server for your websites. The best companies provide experts with years of experience in the industry to monitor your servers and provide support any time of the day.

Why ITX Design Provides the Right Server Solution for You

If you need excellent dedicated managed server hosting and you want a team of professionals providing you with the best support in the business, ITX Design is the right choice. With four dedicated packages and all the best options, you will get everything you need for one low monthly price. Don’t bother hiring a full IT staff and spending thousands on your hosting, when you can get the same benefits for a far lower price.

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