Three Tips to Help You Boost Your Websites Search Engine Ranking with Cutting-Edge Link Building Strategies

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Boosting your Website Ranking With the Right SEO and Link Building Strategies

number of backlinks of top websitesSearch engine ranking can be very important, if you want to take advantage of the largest traffic sources online. Gaining higher ranking requires the right mix of high-quality content, social interaction and quality backlinks.

One way link building is also known as building backlinks. You need to use this to get your website ranked higher in the search engines and get more traffic from your ranking.

There are a couple of schools of thought when it comes to one way link building and you need to understand what each one will do for you. If you don’t use the right strategy for building links, it can do more damage than good. This part of search engine optimization has changed quite a bit over the past two years.

Older strategies emphasized quantity over quality. As the world of SEO changed, many experts started spending more time worrying about quality backlinks or high PR backlinks. However, this strategy doesn’t work anymore either. Now, you must have a complete linking portfolio or you could become blacklisted by Google.

Three Top Tips for Better Link Building

1. Hire an Expert to Build Your Links

Hiring an expert in the SEO field may be the best way to build your backlinks. However, if you hire an SEO firm using outdated strategies, this could cause plenty of issues. You want to fully screen the different choices and look at a few of their case studies before finalizing your decision.

The right SEO firm will build your links slowly, over time. If they build links to your site too fast, it could cause many issues and you may never see top ranking. They will also build links to more than just your homepage or a few other pages. They will build through blog posts, pages and the homepage.

Start by doing your research and figuring out what type of links are best. Then, figure out which SEO company is getting results and has been able to get great results over the past few years. You want a company that can handle your SEO needs today and in the future.

2. Avoid any Automatic Software

Automatic link building software used to work great, but it’s a horrible choice today. When you choose software that submits your links all over the web, you lose control of your linking strategy. This can hurt your website, if you end up with a link from a bad site or from irrelevant sites.

In addition, they often create identical or similar looking links all over, a major red flag to Google and other search engines, which could possibly get your site penalized in the search engine results pages.

Making sure you get the most out of your backlink strategy means you have to avoid automatic software. Many of these programs will promise the world, but they don’t deliver much of anything useful. Not only can some of the links hurt your site, but your website will also be hurt by building links too fast.

3. Build the backlinks yourself

One of the cheapest ways to build your links is to do it yourself. If you decide you want to build your own links, you should understand the best ways to build quality links for your website and blog. One of the best and most beneficial ways to build links is through social media sites.

Submitting blog posts and pages to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Digg and other social sites is a great way to build your link portfolio. However, you should know that building too many social links, too fast is dangerous. Avoid services found on sites, such as that promise thousands of social links overnight.

Building your own links is a bit time consuming, but if you do not have much money to spend, this is a great place to start. You will also benefit from keeping your linking strategy to a more natural choice, which the search engines prefer over many other strategies.

Natural Link Building is Always the Best Choice

Some of the biggest sites and highest ranking sites don’t use any type of link building strategy. Instead, they focus on blog posts and social sharing. When they do this, they are counting on natural link building to happen. This takes time, but it can be very powerful.

With natural link building, you won’t ever need to worry about the Google blacklist or being penalized. Of course, you can’t control every site that decides to link to your blog and website, but you won’t have to worry about Google banning you for building links too fast. Natural link building takes longer, but it’s worth it if you want to keep your business on top for the long haul.

Focusing on Social Media Instead of Link Building

impact of tweets on rankingWith the explosion of social media, it’s important to know that link building isn’t nearly as important as social media. Sharing blog posts and web pages on your social profiles tells the search engines your content is new and relevant. When others share you content, it helps build ranking.

A blog that builds up a loyal following of people sharing just about every post, will see a bump in the rankings for all their pages and posts. Google, Yahoo and Bing all look at the social signals to help rank web content higher.

Understanding Why Backlinking Software is Out-Dated

It seems enticing to use backlinking software. They promise you higher ranking and fast. However, most of these types of software don’t mention how long you will stay at the top of the search engine rankings. This makes the software a bit of a scam.

You may fly up the rankings quickly, only to see your site disappear a few weeks later. This means, you get a bump in traffic for the short term and wonder why your website fell apart in the long term.

Anytime you want to use a program or strategy that cuts corners, it’s dangerous. You need to find the best strategy for your needs and using backlinking software is a dangerous gamble for any business.

Are Backlink Services Worth Your Time?

So, you’ve decided not to use any backlinking software, but you have found a few services offering to build your backlinks. Some of these services are nothing more than somebody that owns the software programs used to build backlinks. These services are not good and they will do damage to your website ranking.

However, there are some good backlink services you can use. For example, a service that helps you automatically share content to social networking and social media sites can be very helpful. This type of service will help you get the right types of links. Just make sure to avoid any of these services offering thousands of links in a short amount of time.

Other backlinking services, such as blog commenting, RSS feed submission, directory submission, article syndication and many others are no longer worth using. Other than a social service, guest posting services can also be helpful. Of course, you want to make sure they will create quality guest posts on blogs relevant to your subject.

Putting Together Your Backlinking Strategy

stats after google slapIf you don’t want to just use a natural backlinking strategy, which involves sharing blog posts on social sites and letting nature take its’ course, you need to know what works best. There are a couple of basic things to use including:

  • Gigs using TribePro
  • Backlinking services capable of building high quality links to pages and posts
  • Social submission services submitting to 100 or less social sites at a time
  • Guest Posting services using high quality content and relevant blogs
  • SEO firms with a good reputation

The best way to build backlinks is with a natural strategy. You can speed up the process with a few social links on your own provides. However, the best way to build an authority website is by adding great content, on a regular basis. If you do this and you share on social sites, you will see the best link building for SEO happen and you’re site will see ranking for the long term.

Does your website go down frequently or do you have issues with your website? If so, do you know that also impacts your search engine rankings? If your site goes down or runs slowly, that can have serious negative impacts on your search engine rankings.

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