Can you Put a Post Creation Limit on your WordPress Users?

If you run a WordPress website that allows users to create posts, you may want to put a limit on how many posts. If you don’t some users may create far more posts than you want. Here’s how you can limit the amount of posts your WordPress Users can create on your website.

Why Would you Need to Limit the Amount of Posts Created by Users?

Limiting the posts created within WordPress isn’t a common request. However, it may be something you need to do, especially if you run a multi-author blog.

By limiting the amount of posts for each author on your site, you can allow only so many per day, per week or per month. This is good if you want to spread the content amongst many different authors.

Another time to limit post creation in WordPress is when you have a membership site and each membership level allows a specific amount of posts per week or month. This makes it easy to keep your members within the limits of their membership level.

Those running a directory website may want to limit post creation, as well. For example, if you are running a real estate directory, you may want to limit the number of properties a user can add per day or week.

There are many other cases you may want to limit the number of posts created by a user on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Below, you will discover an easy way to make this happen.

Using the Limit Post Plugin

Limit Posts Plugin

If you want to limit the amount of posts each user can create in WordPress, you can use the free plugin called, Limit Posts. This plugin will allow you to limit the posts for each user and set a time period on that limit.

Once you install the plugin, you will be able to access it by going to Settings>>Limit Posts. From here, you can adjust your user limits easily.

Limit Post Settings

From this page, you can click the “Add New Limit” button, which will bring up a new popup.

Add New Limit

Now, you just need to choose a role or a single user to limit. You can adjust the limit number, post type and use the final feature to set the limit for a day, week, month or any other time period.

Once you set the limit and the user reaches it, they will not be able to create a new post. You can create limits for multiple users or roles. This makes it easy to keep everybody in line on a multi-author blog, membership site or another type of site.

If you’re looking for a way to limit the number of posts a user can create for a day, week, month or any other period of time, the Limit Post plugin is a great choice. It will give you everything you need without costing you a dime. You will be able to set limits for roles or authors easily without doing anything difficult with coding.

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