Can you Limit the Character Length of your WordPress Post Title?

Limiting the length of the title of each post in WordPress can be very beneficial. The optimal length is between 55 and 60 characters when it comes to SEO. However, this can be a bit hard to manage, especially on a multi-author blog. Here’s how you can keep all of your titles at the right length in WordPress.

Using the Limit Post Titles Plugin

Limit Post Titles

The Limit Post Titles Plugin for WordPress makes managing the length of titles for your posts very easy. You can set the length and it won’t allow any author to go over the character limit you choose.

After you have installed and activated the plugin, you can access the settings by going to Settings>>Limit Post Titles. Here, you will find a simple configuration page with everything you need.

Post Title Configuration

Just enter the character limit you prefer and click the types of posts you want to limit. You can limit regular blog posts, pages and even custom post types on your site.

After you have saved your changes, you can go to a new post and see how the plugin works. When you type a post title that is too long, it will let you know.

You may have already seen this in an SEO plugin you use, such as All-in-One SEO pack. If you have a title that exceeds the maximum number of characters for this type of plugin it will also let you know.

Long Title

The difference between the two is that the SEO title won’t change the title of the post. This allows you to give the search engines an alternative title fitting their parameters. However, when both of these titles fit the parameters, it’s better for your overall SEO.

Now you can use the Limit Post Titles plugin to ensure you don’t write titles that are too long for the search engines. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any expert knowledge.

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