Can you Automatically Notify Users of Comments Being approved in WordPress?

Holding comments on your WordPress blog posts for moderation is important. However, WordPress doesn’t give you a way to notify users when you approve the comment, at least not within the basic installation. There is a way to make this happen, though.

Using the Comment Approved Plugin

If you want to let your users know when you have approved a comment, the Comment Approved WordPress Plugin is the right choice for you.

Comment Approved

Once you have installed and activates this plugin, you will find the settings in the “Setting>>Comment Approved” menu of your WordPress dashboard.

Settings Comment Approved

Within the area for the “Comment Approved” settings, you can add a custom email message and enable the message. You can write any type of message you would like, but it’s best to keep this simple and short.

Comment Approved Page

Using tags, such as %name% and %permalink% will allow you to add the name of the comment author and a link to the post they commented on. This makes it very easy to ensure you get the most out of the message you are sending and give the author all the information they need to see their approved comment.

It’s important to note that if you have the “comment author must have a previously approved comment” option selected under “Settings>>Discussion” your notification will only go out for the first comment you approve for each author. This helps to ensure you don’t send too many emails and bombard your users.

By using this plugin, you can allow users to find out when you have approved a comment. This is a great way to get more discussion happening on your WordPress blog if you hold comments for moderation. Without a notification, many users will forget they left a comment and will forget to look at any responses to their comment.

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