Understanding the Comments Section of Your WordPress Dashboard

The comments section of the WordPress dashboard is pretty easy to work with. It doesn’t include any sub-sections and just takes you to a screen with all the comments that have been left on your posts and pages. Here’s a quick guide to the comments section within your WordPress dashboard.

The Different Comment Types

When you go to the comments tab, you will find a screen that looks like this:

Comments Section
Across the top of this page, you will see the following links:

Comment Types

These are the different types of comments you have on your WordPress blog or website. If the “All” option is selected, you will see all of your comments. However, you can also look at just pending, approved, spam or trash comments by selecting any of these links.

Editing, Approving and Responding to Comments

Below each comment, you will see the following options:

Comment Edit Options

These options allow you to mark any comment as unapproved, spam, trash or approved. You can also edit the comment or reply to the comment with these links.

When you click the “edit” link for a comment, you can change anything said in the comment, the name of the person posting it and even the URL. This allows you to monitor any bad language or fix any spelling/grammar errors within the comments.

The rest of the comment options are pretty self-explanatory. If you mark a comment as spam, trash or approved, it will move to that area of the comments section. Any spam or trashed comments will not show up on your actual blog, but you will have to delete them permanently by finding them in the trash or spam section before they will disappear for good.

Even if you approve a comment by accident, you can easily go back and change it to pending, trash or spam. This allows you to fully monitor any comments posted to your WordPress website.

Now you have a working knowledge of the comments section within the WordPress dashboard. Use this tutorial anytime you have questions about the comment section and you will be able to work with your comments easily and quickly.

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