Can you Get Email Alerts from WordPress for 404 Errors?

Fixing any 404 Errors may be very important for your website. They can cause a concern, especially if you recently moved your website from one domain to another. These errors can affect the experience of your users and the performance of your website on search engines.

Getting these errors fixed doesn’t have to require hours of searching through your pages or traffic logs to find the errors. With the right WordPress plugin, you can be alerted anytime there is a 404 Error associated with your website.

Using the 404 Notifier Plugin for WordPress

The 404 Notifier WordPress Plugin will log the 404 errors on your website and send them to you in an email or through RSS. Simply install and activate the plugin to start using it.

After activating the 404 Notifier plugin, go to Settings>>404 Notifier to adjust the settings.

404 Notfier Dashboard

This will take you to the configuration page, which allows you to get notifications of 404 hits.

Configuration Page

In order to get notifications for any 404 hits for your website, you will need to check the box next to “enable mail notifications on 404 hits.”

Enable 404

You can also enter an email address on this page to receive the notifications.

404 Email

The final option will allow you to limit how many items are in the RSS feed. Just enter the number you prefer.

404 RSS

After adjusting all of the necessary settings, click the “Update 404 Notifier Settings” button.

If you want to test the plugin to see if it will notify you, visit any non-existing page on your website, such as You should receive an email notification of this 404 error, which means the plugin is working properly.

The 404 Notifier plugin will make it much easier to fix these errors much faster. This can provide many benefits for your WordPress website and for those visiting your website.

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