Can You Let Your WordPress Users Upload Pictures in the Comments Section?

Using images in any way can be very powerful. Comments are another very powerful part of your WordPress blog. When you combine the two of these and allow users to post pictures in the comment section, you can really explode your blog.

In this WordPress tutorial, you will discover how to allow your WordPress users to upload images in the comment section. The main benefit you will gain from this is better user engagement, which can lead to a number of other benefits.

Using the Comment Images Plugin

As with most things, allowing users to upload images in the comment section can be done with a simple plugin. Start by downloading, installing and activating the Comment Images plugin. Once it’s activated, the plugin will check your hosting to see if it supports this type of plugin. If you’re using ITX Design hosting, you won’t have any issues.

Those using a hosting environment that doesn’t support this type of function will receive a notification and the plugin won’t work right on your WordPress website. If you’ve uploaded and activated the plugin without any errors, you’re all set. Now you will see a “Choose File” button below the comments that will allow users to upload a file/image.

Upload In Comments

Once a user uploads an image in the comment section, you, as the administrator, will be able to see the image in the Comments section

Image In Comments

The images your users upload will be stored in your Media Library area. You can access and delete these images by going to Media >> Library. Just find the image and deleted it.

Adding a Comment Policy to Your WordPress Website

Since you plan to allow images in your comments, you may want to add a comment policy to your website. This will help to ensure your users don’t upload bad images that don’t belong on your website.

Just like any other policy, you can add this as a simple page on your website with a link to it with your privacy policy and disclosures. You may want to make it clear that if somebody provides an offensive image or a SPAM comments, the users will be banned from posting comments on your site.

Now you know how to allow your users to upload images in the comments sections of your WordPress website. This will help to make your website more engaging with your users.

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