How can you Add Lazy Loading in WordPress for your Videos?

Written content is important, but videos can elevate your website and blog to another level. Of course, there are issues with embedding videos within blog posts and on website pages. They can slow down your website load times, which can hurt your SEO and your conversions.

However, if you use WordPress, you can use the right plugin to ensure your page speed isn’t slowed down. Here’s how you can use videos on your WordPress website without sacrificing load time.

Using the Lazy Load for Videos Plugin for WordPress

Lazy Load For Videos Plugin

You may not understand what lazy loading is all about. It works by replacing the embedded video with a clickable preview image. This means, when your visitors click on the image, it will actually load and play the video instead of loading as soon as the page is accessed.

Image files are much smaller than video files, which means you get an improvement to your page speed. This is a huge advantage and it starts by installing and activating the Lazy Load Plugin for WordPress.

Once you have activated the plugin, you will be all set. It works right out of the box and you won’t need to edit anything to make it work. All you will have to do is access a page or post that has a video on it and you can see how it’s working.

Even though this plugin works out of the box, there are still some adjustments you can make from the post edit screen. You can select the quality for your video form this screen to fit your need.

Video Quality

Along with this adjustment, you will find other adjustments for the plugin under Settings>>Lazy Load for Videos.

Lazy Load Settings

Within this section, you can change whether the plugin is used for all vides or for just YouTube or Vimeo videos. You can also change many other settings for both.

Lazy Load For YouTube

These settings will make it easier to customize the plugin for your specific needs. Whether you only use the lazy load for videos plugin to speed up your site or you combine it with other plugins, such as W3 Total Cache, it will help ensure your load times are not slowed down by videos.

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