Can you Create a Coupon Site with WordPress?

WordPress is a very powerful CMS and allows for many types of websites to be created. If you’re trying to start a coupon site, you can certainly use WordPress to get your site up and running.

There are a few ways to go about creating your coupon site. You can use custom taxonomies and custom post types, if you have a good knowledge of CSS and HTML. However, there’s a much easier way, if you’re a beginner or don’t have any coding knowledge.

Creating a Coupon Site with the Right WordPress Theme

You can create your WordPress coupon site simply by using the right theme. This method is best for those looking to create a dedicated coupon site that won’t be used for much of anything else.

Assuming you already have good WordPress hosting and you have installed WordPress, you can simply install and activate the Clipper Theme. If you don’t already have WordPress hosting, the WordPress Hosting Package from ITX Design is the best choice.

The Clipper Theme is a premium theme and will run about $100 for a single site or about $160 for a developer license.

Clipper Theme

It’s not always a good idea to add a theme just for the functionality, but in this case, it’s a great idea. The Clipper theme will take care of the appearance and functionality of a dedicated coupon site better than any other tool out there for WordPress.

Once you have installed and activated the theme, you can add new coupons by going to Coupons>>Add New. This will allow you to add as many coupons as you need and you can even add custom cloaking and tracking features to each one.

With this theme, you can even accept coupons submitted by other registered users. It’s a very powerful theme and will provide the complete solution necessary for your new coupon website.

Using the Coupon Creator Plugin for WordPress

Coupon Creator Plugin

If you plan to add a coupon section to an existing WordPress website, you can do so by using the Coupon Creator plugin. This plugin is very powerful and makes it very easy to add coupons to your website.

After you have installed and activated the plugin, you can access it by going to Coupons>>Add New.

Coupon Settings

From this section, you can easily add the details, colors, expiration date and terms of your coupon. After creating it, you just click the publish button and it will be live.

Once you have created your coupons, you can add them to posts in the post edit screen. This is done by using the “add coupon” button.

Add Coupon Button

You can also use this option within a page to create a dedicated coupon section for your WordPress website. Just make sure you select the coupon loop in the dropdown for the shortcode.

Coupon Loop

Now you have two very easy ways to create a coupon website with WordPress. Whether you want to use a dedicated website for coupons or just create a section on your existing website, these two methods will work great.

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