Can you Restore the Missing Link Title Field if you Updated to WordPress 4.2?

WordPress LinkAfter you update your WordPress site to WordPress 4.2, you may notice that the link title field has been replace in the insert link section with the link text field. This may cause some disappointment if you think the link title field was good for SEO. Here’s how you can restore the link title field in WordPress 4.2.

Why Was it Removed?

The reason for removal was simply because the title for the link can be different than the anchor text. Some believe it gives a site accessibility benefits, but many of the screen readers cannot read title attributes for links. This means the link title popup isn’t seen by mobile users, which could cause issues.

Many believe using the link title text provides SEO benefits. It provides the ability to use actual titles in the title and keywords in the anchor text.

Using the Restore Link Title Field Plugin

If you want to restore the link title field, you can do so by using the Restore Link Title Field plugin. This plugin will work right out of the box and allow you to change the link title field without any adjustments. Just install and activate the plugin to see the change.

Link Title Field Changes

In order to see the change, you will need to create a new post/page or edit an existing one. Just click on the “insert link button” and you will be able to see the popup with the changes.

Insert Link Button

This change will now allow you to add title and link text that isn’t exactly the same. You can use a different title for the link compare to the anchor text, which provides benefits for your website.

That’s all it takes to make this change in WordPress 4.2. Whether this will provide any SEO benefit or not isn’t exactly proven, but it will give you more flexibility when you create a link within a post or page.

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