A Quick Guide to Starting a Fashion Store with WordPress

WordPress Fashion StoreRunning a fashion store online is a great opportunity to sell great products and reach a huge customer base compared to running a brick and mortar location. You can start a fashion right on WordPress and join the multi-million industry of online fashion retailers.

If you have a great idea for a fashion store and need to know the ins and outs of how to start one, you can do so easily through your very own WordPress site. Here is a look at how you should start one, what it should look like, and which plugins you’ll definitely want to consider adding to it.

Where to begin

When you’ve decided to take the plunge, you can look at popular and successful fashion stores that have launched before you for ideas. Farfetch is one fashion retailer that has really figured out how to be super successful as can be seen through their value reaching the “billion” mark this year.

They aren’t on WordPress but many successful WordPress fashion stores have taken their lead with ideas such as making one or two models the largest thing you see on their homepage, making the brand name small but clearly found and making the browsing options subtle and out of focus.

The viewer is so focused on the products, the people modelling the merchandise beautifully, and making the main banner in focus changing with new images every few seconds. Big sales are promoted over the main image front and center as well.

The key ingredients include:

  • Minimalism and no clutter whatsoever
  • Multiple menu formats for customizability
  • Easy check-out pages
  • A great visual feel on the landing page
  • Compatibility to eCommerce plugins and payment methods

Decide if your site is going to be for selling products or if you prefer to make it more about blogging because a good fashion retail theme can create a powerful blog while not compromising your website’s ability to sell products.

What hosting should I use?

WordPress PluginsYou’ll want to get the right plugins for your site and definitely choose the right hosting. ITX Design provides the best hosting service for your new store. When you choose ITX Design, you are trusting your WordPress Fashion store to one of the top hosting choices in the industry. Plugins are not only needed but they will be really useful to you. Then, choose search engine optimization tools like WP Rocket or Yoast SEO to help you out.

The real challenge

While setting up a fashion site may seem challenging, the real challenge comes with trying to stand out in the fashion industry. You need to know how the business works and how to build a great brand. Make sure you do a lot of research and following up on the fashion industry, make a killer blog, figure out the best marketing strategies and develop a community. The most successful online fashion retailers see success because of their blog revenue and site traffic.

WordPress Fashion Website GuideSometimes people buy clothes and fashion products because want to feel approval from others rather than it being something they actually like. Fashion can be a way that people perceive you so people want advice on how to dress and to be told what everyone should be wearing next. When people want to associate your brand as something they should associate their own identities with, you gain a good reputation and more power. Having a unique and genuine story to convey will make you stand out from others as well.

Consider these tips for starting a fashion store online and make it easily through WordPress. Then, figure out how to make yourself stand out from the rest.

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