A Quick Guide to Running an Education Blog

Eduction BlogRunning an educational blog is a different ball game than running a regular blog. You may be thinking about starting one since supplementary education services making big money. The education industry is a huge money maker worth over $19 billion with up to 74 million students attending school up to 12th grade in the US. With education being a huge industry for the young and for working professionals, it seems like an obvious way to blog to a huge market.

Plus, education is huge around the globe. You can create an education blog with the proper knowledge on what to include, how to target your audience and how to build your traffic. Here is a quick guide on what you’ll need to do.

What are educational blogs?

Education blogs are designed to be used as a platform for educating for teachers or homeschool parents. They typically stay up to date on the current news about the state of education and some include online courses or tutoring opportunities. With so many niches, it’s easy to hit a multitude of topics and a huge market. You are best to narrow down your focus as to reach a more specific target demographic.

What are the different types of education blogs?

Blog about EducationYou can go a few different ways with your education blog. You can make it a straight up tutoring blog for those that want to sign up for help or those that want to sign up to be paid tutors from those that need the help. You could make an education blog containing lesson plans or you could start one to train adults. Perhaps you want to start an education blog intended to be an advice guide on how to do well in school or get into college, or you’d like to be a review blog about educational products and curriculum.

You could also make your blog a resource for teachers and families to keep students and parents updated by the teachers. The blog could be a resource for information on technology in education or a blog about computer programs for education.

Target audience and building traffic

You’ll want to determine your target audience for your education blog. In a regular blog, you’d choose your target audience by appealing to their interests and informing them on your industry. With an education blog, you’ll want to target people that are looking for an education, parents that want information on education or parents that are trying to improve their children’s education.

You can build traffic by reaching out to parenting communities and informing them of what your blog can offer or you could visit online forums to inform your target audience about it as long as you don’t appear to be spammy. You could try advertising based on keywords in your niche by thinking about who might want to read your blog. Talk to influencers of organizations and schools that might want to review your blog and share it on social media. Try guest posting on another education blog as another way to get noticed as an authority in the industry.

Can it make money?

You can make your education blog a profitable one by putting ads up, selling something, or getting donations. Just be sure that any ads you put up reflect your mission. With ads, you could use Google AdSense to place ads on your blog after you have told it what you will and won’t allow on your site. You won’t start making money until you hit a lot of traffic though. Consider banner ads that advertise local businesses that purchase a space on your page which gives you more control of what is advertised.

Education BloggingAnother way to profit is through donations, sponsorships, grants and fundraisers. Add a donation button on your blog that your visitors can access. For blogs that offer free value to the education community, sponsorship from businesses and organizations is a possibility.

Raise money through grants and fundraisers in the local community if you think your blog is really adding value to the community. If you have an educational product or service to sell like SAT study guides and lesson planning pages for teachers, this is an easy route to make some extra cash.

The best way to run an education blog is to stand out from the crowd through a creative approach, show an understanding for your audience, put in the effort and show your determination. You could make a difference in the lives of many families.

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