A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Successful Blog

BloggingFor a newbie blogger, it may seem overwhelming to figure out how to begin. You’ve made the decision to start a blog but you have no idea how to run a blog. You may feel clueless to blogging in regards to where to begin, how to write your posts, how to get people to read your posts and everything else related to blogging. Starting a blog is actually really simple as long as you have a computer and internet connection here is a look at where to begin from choosing a domain name to installing the right plugins that you’ll need for the website.

Let’s get started

The basic steps that you’ll need to take to start your blog is to choose a topic, purchase a domain name and web host, install WordPress and then select your plugins and themes for the design. You’ll want to first consider why you’re starting the blog in order to make some decisions on the topics and target audience.

If it’s going to be a hobby vs. a business, you can be a little more relaxed about how often you post content or to what degree you market the blog. If you want to make money from the blog, you’ll have to get educated on the proper way to do so whether it’s the proper marketing techniques, learning how to sell a product through the blog or learning how to sell a membership.

What’s your topic?

Once you’ve determined the purpose of the blog, you’ll need to determine your blog’s topic and point of existing. What is your niche? Are you trying to fill a need or write about something you are simply passionate about? Are you trying to become profitable?

A good blog should meet all of these requirements. Make sure you enjoy what you’re writing about, you find something that can be monetized and you fill a need providing something that people need to know about.

The technical aspects

Starting a BlogFrom here, you’ll need to host and operate your blog either through a web-based platform like WordPress or you’ll need to run it on a self-hosted platform where you’ll buy your own domain and web hosting service. For someone new, it’s easier to use a free blog platform but many pro-bloggers make their living off of their own hosting and domain.

Setting up your professional blog means you need to pick a cheap, shared web host. ITX Design has the right hosting package for your needs. The key to your decision should be a reliable, affordable host that features an auto-installer like Fantastico.

Successful BlogRegister a domain name, or address of your blog, through a registrar like GoDaddy or Name Cheap. Make it something unique, easy to remember, not too long and avoid something long or using dashes. Make it relate to your niche through a common keyword.

From there, you’ll need to install WordPress, login and work on the three key elements including CMS Core, Plugins and Themes. Choose a theme from the directory or pay for a theme with blog theme clubs. Then choose plugins like security and spam protection. Once everything is set up, you’ll need to start writing great content, consider adding a social media plugin to make your content shareable and track your blog performance.

These are the basics for a newbie that wants to enter the world of blogging.

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