Which Twitter Hacks and Plugins are the Best for WordPress?

Combining the power of Twitter and WordPress can be a great thing. There’s so much you can do with both, but you will need the right hacks and plugins. Here’s a look at the top Twitter plugins and hacks for WordPress.



Buffer is one of the best Twitter tools out there. It’s used by all types of bloggers and allows you to schedule your social media updates, such as tweets. You can use the app to schedule your WordPress posts for your social medial provides, as well. This can all be done weeks in advance, which makes it much easier to manage your blog.

Twitter Tools Plugin

Twitter Tools

The Twitter Tools Plugin for WordPress allows you to do many different things. You can connect multiple Twitter accounts, create a blog post from your tweets, create a tweet for each blog post and even archive tweets from our Twitter account every ten minutes.

Accept Payments With Tweets

If you have something you’d normally give away for free or for a subscription to your newsletter, you can use the Pay with a tweet Plugin for WordPress. This plugin allows a visitor to download a file after they have shared a tweet on his/her Twitter account. It’s a great way to get visitors to share your website with their followers.

Add a Floating Social Bar

Floating Social Bar

The Floating Social Bar WordPress Plugin may be the best choice for using WordPress and Twitter together. It’s the best free social media plugin and allows you to add a floating share bar to all of your content.

Add the Official Tweet Button

Twitter Buttons

You won’t need to add an Official Tweet Button if you use the Floating Social Bar plugin. However, if this is something you want to do, you can easily create the code from the Twitter Website and insert it into a text widget or child theme. This makes it easy to get visitors to share your content on Twitter.

There are many great hacks and plugins for using Twitter with WordPress. Whether you want to just add a simple button or automate all your social media sharing, it can be done with free plugins for WordPress.

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