A Comparison of the Top Web Browsers

Top Web BrowsersAre you trying to decide which web browser is worth using on a regular basis? It seems there are many to choose from and no clear answer as to which one is the best choice. Does it just depend on your specific needs or is one better than the rest?

A web browser is what you depend on daily to surf the web and they have really evolved over the years to work quicker, load your pages faster, and offer more features than ever before. When you are trying to choose the best web browser for your daily internet surfing, here is a look at a comparison of the top choices.

Google Chrome

Google ChromeOne obvious choice is to go with Google Chrome, one of the best choices available. It’s used for Windows 7, Windows XP, and Vista for a fast and simple solution to internet browsing needs. It’s a quick browsing option and pages load quickly making it great for the impatient internet surfer. In addition, you’ll have added security when you use Chrome because Google prevents fishing from taking place and it’s more secure than most.

Internet Explorer

Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer is another route you could go being one of the oldest web browser on the internet. You’ve probably used it at one time or another and felt that it was too slow. Being over a decade old, many have chosen to move on to something newer but it’s actually gained many great improvements to meet users’ demands. The updated version of Explorer 9 has a faster loading time, more features, and comes ready with updated search boxes. You’ll love the tabs for browsing, the extra features and the add-ons.


FireFoxA hard to beat option is Firefox, one of the best internet browsers by far. It’s free to download which makes it affordable and it’s amazing to users that they can get such an excellent web browsing program for free. It loads fast, it runs fast, and users aren’t frustrated at slow load times like with other browsers. You’ll find simple to use search boxes, cool features, and you can even change your color skin of the browser.

Other great options

If you’re looking for something a little lesser known but still great, check out Safari, Opera, or RockMelt. Safari has been around for years and has upgraded to offer more features and a faster user experience. Opera is a pioneer in the web browser industry that works for Mac, PC, or Linux being the choice for many. RockMelt is less known but is great for social network users because they’ve added the major social networking platforms right onto their toolbar.

If you’re having a hard time deciding on your go-to web browser, these are the top ones on the market that you’ll want to check out. Users love their advanced features, their smooth operations, and their quick page loads. You can’t go wrong with any of these selections for your daily browsing needs.

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