Can you Add Mobile App Badges to Your WordPress Website?

Mobile App BadgesIf you’re looking for a way to spice up your WordPress website, it may be time to add mobile app badges to the site. Creating mobile apps review sites are a great way to help users find apps and people are starting to create blogs reviewing them in order to make money while helping others.

You can make money through this by signing up as an affiliate to the paid apps. How can you start adding mobile app badges to WordPress to add some beauty and profit to your site? Here is a look at a simply way to do it through WP-AppBox.

Where to begin

To start adding mobile app badges to your website on WordPress, first start by installing and activating the plugin called WP-AppBox. Once you have activated it, head over to the settings section to configure the plugin “Settings >> WP-AppBox.” The plugin’s page where you work on configuring the plugin contains many options such as info, cache, app-badge, buttons, and help.

WP-AppBox Settings

Click the “settings” tab where you’ll find the general settings for Appbox. Here you’ll find the badges where you can review and make changes outside of the general default settings. Be sure to save any changes you make to your settings so that they will store for you.

Making money as an affiliate

Once you’ve made any changes such as having App-Ratings show in the banner or having color icons of the stores instead of grey ones, you’ll have to become an affiliate making money. Click on the tab labeled “affiliate IDs” and enter your affiliate ID from the app store. They currently use Amazon Partnernet and Mac app store. A blog that is run by multiple writers would require you to activate custom ID so that authors can visit their own profiles.

Which stores do you want on your site? Checkbox your selections under the “buttons” tab to decide. You’ll have options like Firefox Extensions, WordPress, Amazon Apps, and Google Play Apps.

Adding apps in your posts and pages


Once you’ve completed this, you can start adding apps into your posts and pages. Next time you create a post, you’ll see the AppBox buttons on your editor where you can click one to get the shortcode added to the post. The play store button will add your shortcode too where you’ll just have to copy and paste the one you want. Change the style and appearance from different stores or by overriding the setting through adding the format “compact,” “screenshots-only” and “screenshots” in the shortcode.

Use these tips and you’ll have beautiful mobile app badges in your WordPress site in no time.

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