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wp-super-cache-wordpressWhy is it Important to Use the WP Super Cache WordPress Plugin?

It may not seem that important because it doesn’t change the way your website functions or looks, but WP Super Cache is one of the most important plugins you can use. With the help of this plugin, your website will load faster and you will gain some indirect benefits.

Caching Your WordPress Website is Necessary

Several things slow down your website, especially when there’s a traffic increase to your site. When traffic bottlenecks, you lose visitors because your site loads very slowly. Sometimes this is caused by the retrieving of data from your MySQL database and other times it’s caused by the execution of PHP code.

Caching helps to speed up the load times of your website by storing data in a static form. This makes it easier to be retrieved without any further processing. When caching is done with WP Super Cache, your website gives the visitor a better experience because it loads much faster.

The Fastest Caching Engine for WordPress

As one of the fastest caching engines used by WordPress websites, WP Super Cache is a necessary plugin for your website. After any HTML file has been generated on a webserver, it’s stored and easily accessed much faster because of the plugin. This makes the processing speed much faster.

With this plugin, you get cached files in three different ways including:

  • Mod_Rewrite – This is the fastest caching method and provides several benefits. By using this method, you can completely bypass PHP and make your site much faster. Out of all the caching methods, Mod_Rewrite is the fastest choices.
  • PHP – Another caching choice, PHP provides supercached static files and makes your site faster. However, it’s not quite as fast as Mod_Rewrite, but it still provides a very fast way to cache your WordPress site. You will need to use a custom permalink to use this method, however.
  • Legacy Caching – The final way you can cache files with WP Super Cache is with Legacy Caching. This method is used mainly for known users and provides a faster load time. However, it’s the slowest of the three methods provided.

No matter which of these methods you choose for caching, your website will load faster.

Is WP Super Cache Easy to Use?

Caching may seem like its’ over your head, but that doesn’t mean you can’t speed up your WordPress website with this plugin. The WP Super Cache plugin is one of the easiest caching plugins you can use.

Installing the plugin is just like installing any other plugin. You can download the .zip folder and upload it within your WordPress Dashboard. Once installed, make sure you activate the plugin.

Setting up the plugin is very easy because each of the best settings has “(recommended)” next to it. After you check all the necessary boxes, you will need to update the Mod_Rewrite rules, which is done by clicking one simple button. That’s all it takes to speed up your website with WP Super Cache.

How Popular is the WP Super Cache Plugin?

The WP Super Cache plugin has been downloaded over 5 million times and has been rated over 1,500 times. The plugin has a star rating of 4.2 stars and has been rated with five stars or more by over 1,100 people.

You can use this plugin with any version of WordPress 3.0 or higher. It works with any theme and will work with just about every other plugin for WordPress.

Another Benefit of Caching

Of course, with this caching plugin, you will gain the benefit of a faster loading website. This is great for your visitors, but there’s another benefit you gain with it.

If you use search engine optimization at all, you gain the benefit of better SEO. This is due to a lower bounce rate and a faster overall website.

Google will actually rank your website higher if you have the exact same SEO as your competitor, but your website loads faster. This can be the edge you need to increase traffic to your WordPress website.

Adding the WP Super Cache plugin to your arsenal of plugins is necessary. This is the most powerful caching plugin and provides plenty of benefits for anybody using WordPress for a website or a blog.

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