Five Top SEO-Friendly WordPress Themes to Use in 2015

SEO is an ever-changing thing, but with the right tools, you will always be prepared for the next change. If you use WordPress, it’s important to start with the right theme for your website. Without the right theme, you may be missing out on design and SEO benefits.

Choosing the best SEO-friendly theme for WordPress can be difficult. There are many things you must consider when choosing the right theme including:

  • A Responsive Design
  • Fast load times
  • Correct type of Coding
  • Security
  • Google Algorithm Friendliness
  • Social Media Integration
  • And More!

A theme that allows your website to show up clean on all screen resolutions makes a huge difference. It’s also very important to choose a theme that loads very fast. If the theme is too heavy with code, it could slow down your load times making it very difficult to gain any type of SEO advantage.

With hundreds of WordPress themes claiming to be SEO-optimizes, it can be hard to choose the right one. Here are the top five SEO-friendly themes for WordPress websites.

Schema WordPress Theme from MyThemeShop

Schema SEO Theme For WordPress

Schema loads faster than any other WordPress theme on the market. This makes it one of the most SEO-friendly choices. Of course, it takes more than just fast load times to achieve a theme with great SEO benefits. The Schema theme also provides plenty of other features including a built-in review system, Google algorithm friendliness, social media voting function, rich snippets and more.

Overall, Schema can easily provide a far better SEO rating than most other themes. Since the theme is built with such lightweight coding, it loads much faster than other themes, including the Genesis Framework.

Thesis Themes from DIY Themes

Thesis Themes

The Thesis Themes has been a top choice for a few years now. These themes are fully optimized for SEO with plenty of built-in SEO features. They come with a drag and drop customization option making it a great choice for beginners, too.

The Thesis themes all provide benefits when it comes to your on-site SEO. The responsive design and exact layout widths make it easy to get the SEO benefits you need, while keeping the design customizable.

NewsTimes Theme from MyThemeShop

NewsTimes Theme

Another great choice from MyThemeShop is the NewsTimes theme. This theme provides a pixel perfect design with hand-written HTML5 and CSS3. It’s an ultra-responsive theme with very fast load times. The only theme that loads faster than this one on the list is the Schema theme.

The NewsTimes theme comes with social media icons, Schema tags, a powerful options panel, a built-in review system and many other SEO features. This is a great theme for those trying to rank higher on Google.

Eleven40 Pro Theme from StudioPress

Eleven40 Pro Theme

The Eleven40 Pro Theme is a great choice with the Genesis Framework. It’s created to provide plenty of SEO benefits and the Genesis Framework is known as one of the most optimized frameworks for SEO out there.

This theme is mobile-ready and provides plenty of flexibility. It loads within seconds, provides a customizable option panel, multiple color styles, HTML5 markup and more.

Magazine WordPress Theme from Themify

Magazine Theme

Themify has created a great 3-column theme with plenty of SEO benefits called, Magazine. This theme provides an easy to work with design and it’s both responsive and retina ready. The Magazine theme uses a similar layout to the BBC, MSN and CNN sites and is perfect for bloggers.

The theme comes SEO optimized with six sidebar options, seven post layouts, six color skins, mega menus, footer menus and widgets. If you’re looking for a highly customizable SEO-friendly WordPress theme, this one may be the right one for you.

Whether you want to design a WordPress blog to look like a magazine or you want a more standard design, these five themes provide just what you need. They all combine great design with plenty of SEO benefits.

All five of these SEO-friendly themes for WordPress provide plenty of benefits. They all load faster than most any free theme you will find and faster than most other premium themes. For a very affordable cost, you can get one of the five top themes for 2015 above and gain many SEO benefits very fast.

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