4 Tips to Make Your Thank You Page Better

Thank you PageA thank you page on your website is a great way to show your readers how much they mean to you. You want your subscribers to know that you appreciate their contributions to your site whether it’s by being a loyal follower, commenting on your work, or following you on social media. Sometimes offering things like a free e-book or other gift is a great way to thank your subscribers.

Even if you have newbies visiting your site, you can offer a gift juts for signing up with your page or sharing it on social media. Rather than just adding a “thank you for your subscription” message on your page, why not create a thank you page to show that some thought has gone into this? Take a look at these four tips to make a thank you page and to make one that’s great.

The first way to thank your subscribers

In order to offer a thank you to your subscribers, you need a way to reward your subscribers for doing something for you. The first way you can thank your subscribers is by asking them to share your mailing list with their friends. When a reader is interested in what you have to say, it’s easier for them to decide to share it with their friends as well. When you offer great content, people want to share it.

On the other hand, people find great content all of the time and only have so much time to share their favorite pages. When you offer a discount, more free content, a free course, or other freebie, your readers will be even more anxious to take the time to share. When new people join your ailing list and add their friends, your list will continue to grow and then you only have to worry about keeping them around for more.

Utilize social media

Social MediaOne of the top ways to market yourself in today’s world is using social media. You can share your work on social media anytime but it sometimes means more coming from a friend. When you ask your subscribers to follow you on social media, as well as like or share your posts, their friends are likely to see this activity and want to check you out too.

If your subscribers follow you on social media, they could be rewarded with more content, live streaming, or more news updates in exchange. Make it clear why following you on social media is worth their time.

Ask your visitors to sign up for a live event or a free webinar

When you are trying to take your page further than an email newsletter or blog, sometimes you need to get visitors to invest in your words through other means. Offer a free webinar or host a live event that your subscribers can register for. Even if they can’t attend it live, offer a replay of the webinar or live event that they can be gifted with for registering for the event.

Offering a discount on purchases

DiscountLastly, you can thank your website visitors by offering a discount on their purchase. For those that sell online, it’s a great way to give a small discount in exchange for an increase in your mailing lists. Offer a discount for signing up, such as half off their first order, a discount on your services, or a freebie in the mail. It may be a great way to show appreciation, add to your mailing list, and retain your subscribers.

Use these tips to show appreciation on your website. These gifts will speak volumes over a simple “thank you” message and show your subscribers that you put more thought into making your appreciation known.

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