5 Things to Get with a Blog Hosting Plan

blog-wordsWhat is Different About a Blog Hosting Plan?
If you need to host a blog you will be looking for a blog hosting plan instead of just a website hosting plan. This is because you need different tools and options for your blog that you simply cannot get with some hosting plans. You have to get the best blog host for your needs and this can vary quite a bit depending on what you are trying to do.

Blog hosts offer things like Joomla hosting and WordPress hosting. These are blog platforms that are much different and can really help you out when you are trying to put up a blog. You need to make sure you get exactly what you are after with your hosting and if you need to host a blog it will be different than when you are trying to put up a website.

There are certain things that are very necessary if you want to put up a blog in a hurry. Those that are serious about making money with blogs will be looking to have specific tools that will help you do this very fast. Having the right platform with the right blogging tools will help you do much more in a shorter amount of time.

Below you are going to find a few things that make a blog hosting plan so much different compared to what you are getting from a website hosting plan. These things are very important and when you are trying to get the right hosting for your blog they need to be in your package. Here is what you need if you are a blogger.

The Top 5 Things you Need in your Blog Hosting Plan
1. Right Platforms

The platforms that you are looking for are the WordPress and Joomla hosting platforms. These come in the Fantastico script and any top web hosting company that caters to bloggers will include this script for you. If you don’t get this script with your hosting it will be much harder to do what you need to do with your blogs.

2. Ability to use your own Domain Name

Another thing you have to get with your hosting is the ability to put your blog on a domain name that you own. Most of the free blog hosting plans don’t allow you to do this and it can cause you some serious troubles. With most paid hosting options, even if they are cheap hosting plans, you can put your blog on your own domain name.

3. Plenty of Speed

Since you are going to be trying to make money from your blog or blogs you will need to make sure you have plenty of speed with your hosting plan. This will help you to do exactly what you need to do without any issues. Speed will keep you from losing any of your visitors to competing blogs because the visitor can see what you have to offer very fast and easy.

4. Plenty of Space

Blogs can grow from very small to having thousands of posts over time. This means that you have to get plenty of space for all the posts you are going to be putting up. You need to make sure your hosting can support many posts without slowing you down or without running out of space. The right blog hosting plan for you will have a large amount of space for you to use.

5. Great Support

The support of a blog host can show you how reliable they are, how professional they are, and whether or not they will be there when you really need them. Hopefully you will never have to use the support, but when you do have an issue it is good to know that you have great support from your blog host to help you out.

The Top Two Types of Blog Hosting Plan Choices
When you are looking for the best blog hosting plan for you it is most likely going to be either the VPS hosting option for the shared hosting options. Many bloggers use one of these choices because they are simply the best and the cheapest website hosting choices for blogs. Here is the difference between the two options.

VPS hosting is going to be the type of hosting that you can start off with a very small plan and grow your space as you grow your blog. You can go from a very small package to a much larger one over time as you are looking to expand. This will be a partition of a server that can be secured very well and can give you the resources you need for your blog.

With shared hosting you are going to end up on the same server as many other hosting accounts. This means that the resources are used more with a first come first serve type of mentality. This type of hosting is not as secure as VPS hosting, but it is much cheaper. You can start off with shared hosting and upgrade at any point to VPS hosting with most blog hosts.

Regardless of which type of hosting you choose it is important to get the best blogging platforms and more with your hosting plan. Take your time and shop around for the best web hosting for your blog with all the options you need. This will lead you on the way to success and it all starts with the blog hosting plan you choose.

What can ITX Design Web Hosting Packages Provide?
Creating a professional, attention-grabbing webpage is the job of a web hosting company.  Doing this well, while still being gentle on your wallet, is where ITX Design comes in. It’s no secret that new internet businesses generally don’t have a lot of money to start, and could really use a boost to set them off running in the right direction. Then again, even your non-business related webpage could use some touching up.

Without the high prices that many other web hosting services charge, ITX Design web hosting offers even the brand new starting internet company a TON of amazing features for a fraction of the price. Starting right from the ground up, ITX Design provides a fantastic program for creating the best website to their clients. Not taking days to build your personalized webpage,  ITX Design will have your quality page up and running to support your internet venture in just mere hours.

Many customers accidentally accept that all cost-effective website hosting packages offer the same features, when in truth there’s a large amount of difference between the numerous website hosting corporations. Knowing both the features that are needed as well as the extra features that may make your site more interactive, fascinating and easy to utilize is crucial when choosing a reasonable website hosting company. Usually features will be separated into the ones that make the site straightforward to navigate for the final user and the ones that make it convenient to use for the web development expert. For the ones that are consistently adding content or want to host blogs or other kinds of forums, this is a vital consideration. Client service and support is undeniably a very important feature in any sort of cheap website hosting package.

Some of the lower price discount sorts of website hosting services save costs by offering only limited support for shoppers, which can become maddening if there are any issues with the internet site hosting, design or upgrading. Checking to affirm that the cost-effective webhosting service being considered offers twenty-four hour help with e-mail, talk and telephone service is vital to guarantee there’s always help when required. Sometimes other points to consider that have to be considered when identifying which reasonable website hosting company is the most suitable choice include those further features that go past merely a site name. If there are a few folks working with the company, business, or on the internet site, then issues like multiple mails is crucial. Other multiple features that are important things include limits or unlimited databases and FTP accounts. File Transfer Custom is a straightforward and good way to share big amounts of info between users, and it is a smart way to supply information to people thru a site.

Naturally, there are more features concerned with a reasonable website hosting package that are as crucial to the visitors to your website as well as your capability to increase and expand your internet site as required. Bandwidth issues are vital to consider, particularly if you intend to have blogs, forums or a lot of hits on your internet site. Without unlimited bandwidth site visitors will have page load blunders, slow capability to use the pages or links on the site as well as disappointment with accessing and posting to the site. The more that you find out about ITX Design in this review then the more you might be able to understand how it can help you.

Control Panel

One of the most important aspects of any hosting plan is the presence of a control panel that allows you to execute hosting tasks essential to your website. The state of the art control panel is the award winning cPanel for which a license is purchased by the hosting company. ITX Design has such a license and its hosting clients have access to use the cPanel for all the websites the client is hosting, without paying any additional fees.

CPanel is a graphical user interface and is so user friendly that even a total novice to web hosting will have no problem using it. To manage hosting tasks, the user will only need to click on the relevant icon on the panel to complete a number of complex hosting tasks. These tasks include creation of databases, creation of addon domains, creation of email addresses, installation of a WordPress blog using SimpleScripts, and many other functions.

Customer Support

Yet another critical aspect of any good quality hosting company is the presence of efficient and effective customer service. ITX Design has customer service support available 24/7/365 that is very responsive and can be reached by phone, chat session and by email. When you website is available 24 hours a day to the World Wide Web community of prospective customers, you would certainly want to know that your support is also available for that period of time also.

Server Uptime Guarantee

ITX Design guarantees a server uptime guarantee of 99.9%. In the hosting industry this is as good as it gets. For an income generating website, it is a necessity because your business website will need to be constantly available to its customers and clients. If the website experiences downtime, the customer experience is negatively affected, and they may lose confidence in the business and go elsewhere. This can then affect the business’ bottom line and that is not acceptable. ITX Design provides for a constant server uptime for its customers.

Templates & Designs Make Building Your Site Fast & Easy(ITX Design Web Hosting)
Graphic web designers have done all the hard work for you.  All you have to do is choose the design you like from numerous design platforms, and begin navigating with ease! Once you’ve picked your preferred platform, you then are given more options, from various font and color choices, to incorporating in your very own images and designs.

Even specifically cater the very platform itself to suit the desired look and feel of how you wish your online company to be portrayed.  It’s simply remarkable that all the vast possibilities are so easy to put into your perfect site!

For that perfect webpage, graphic web designing is vital. You’ll need to know just which colors do and do not work well together, as well as the ones that work best at normal resolutions and contrasts that the general public a most likely to have their screens set at. Over-sized images can keep your website from opening properly for some user. Most importantly, your page must be user-friendly and make sense, or visitors will go elsewhere.

Any Type of Site From Business To Ecommerce(ITX Design Web Hosting)
So, for a very reasonable price, you can have ITX Design help you with all these intricate details to have the very BEST website possible. Data collection programs, subscription sign-ups, shopping carts, and many more awesome tools are available. You can basically easily run any type of website that you can imagine from this web host, whether it be a small business web site, an ecommerce site, a personal site, or an affiliate marketing sites, review sites, it doesn’t matter, any way you slice it you can do it with ITX Design.

ITX Design even gives you easy, hindrance-free mobility over your website to use such programs as Frontpage and Dreamweaver to make your own changes to your page whenever you feel like it. Some web hosts will not support Frontpage extensions or work well with certain web development tools and software. ITX Design web hosting does their best to accommodate everybody and still deliver great support and service.

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