The Power of Managed Hosting Solutions

serversSaving Money with Managed Hosting Solutions
When you decide dedicated hosting is necessary for your company, it is important to understand why managed hosted solutions can help you save a large amount of cash. There are many things to consider with dedicated hosting like the type of servers you need, the right size, and how you are going to house, monitor, and manage these servers. Here is what it will cost you to do this in house.

You will need to hire an IT Staff, remodel a room that will help to keep your servers secure and running at optimal levels, and you will have to buy the servers. This will all add up like so:

IT Staff (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and 366 days on leap years) – At least $150,000 a year
Remodeling for housing your servers – $5,000 – $20,000 one-time cost
Buying the server themselves – $1,500 – $100,000 (depending on the type and size and how many you need.

This means you will spend a large amount of cash up front and what you are really doing is taking away money you can use for other things. You are also limiting yourself because the size of the room you remodel will be the amount of space you can have for servers. This means, when you fill it, you are maxed out.

On top of all this, you have to pay to train your IT staff, retrain them with every update, and you have to pay for new equipment regularly. This all adds up and you will spend more than most small to medium sized companies can afford. Does this mean you cannot take advantage of dedicated server hosting? Absolutely not, and this is where managed hosted solutions come in.

Using Managed Hosted Solutions Properly
With managed hosted solutions you get the ability to buy or rent servers, house them with colocation hosting, and have them managed, monitored, updated, and maintained by a trained staff of professionals. This is all done for you at a fraction of what you would pay monthly to a staff of employees and for the bills associated with housing your own servers.

You have the ability to house as many servers as the company you choose can handle and many of them will sell you servers as you need them. Another thing you can do, if your budget does not support the upfront cost of buying servers, is rent them. This can help you gain all the benefits of dedicated server hosting without the high overhead.

When you are looking for an edge and you know you have to find a way to compete with larger companies, then you need to turn to the managed hosted solutions to help you with your hosting. This will give you more flexibility, better security, and the ability to keep more of your website visitors on your site instead of leaving for a competing site.

Using Managed Hosting Solutions to Compete
It is no secret that dedicated server hosting is the best out there and will give you higher performing websites and blogs. This is the best way to go and if you cannot afford to buy and house your own servers, then you need to consider your other options. The last thing you want to do is end up with hosting that does not give you the full benefits you deserve.

Instead of settling for low grade hosting that is not made to support you fully, you can choose hosting that will help you in many ways. You can go with dedicated hosting with one of the two different managed hosted solutions to help you gain the benefits you need for your company to compete on a higher level.

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