How to Get an ITX Design WordPress Hosting Plan

What is an ITX Design WordPress Hosting Plan?
itx-design-logo-boxIn the very near future, every inhabitant of the Earth will have an ITX Design WordPress domain or another domain name on the World Wide Web. It’s speedily becoming an important commodity, and nearly everyone on the web has a domain name and a hosting company. Nobody can deny the fact that businesses are being created, and billions of dollars are being made through the internet today.

My friend, for instance, has her own website to sell her products. She is expecting to double her income through her site and believes the new way to do business in the very near future will be through the online business. What she did was secure an ITX Design WordPress domain because by getting her domain name from ITX Design she also got a very reliable hosting company.

Getting a domain name is now a must for nearly everyone. How do you usually go about getting a domain name? Start by looking for a trusted web hosting company, check their background, and find out what features they offer you. Do your homework, get to know them better, and build a friendly rapport with them for they are the ones, which can help you out with building your business empire on the web.

Getting a good web hosting company, though, isn’t easy for busy people. For this reason, trusting an expert and evaluating reviews offered by those people who have tried the services for themselves can be a big help. Many people, for instance, trust ITX Design because they are a large trusted hosting company and offer a free domain name with their service.  If you are running a business, this is a great way to get a website of your own and the hosting you need. Since you are going to pay for hosting, anyway, you might as well go with a leader that specializes in dedicaed servers, vps servers and shared hosting.

The best companies will offer great customer service and support. Many customers are convinced globally that this is exactly what you get from ITX Design. They provide support 24 hours a day, so you can be proud to have them as your business partner.

Getting Your ITX Design WordPress Hosting Account
If you are involved in a serious business, you definitely need the services of a serious company. A great number of individuals online are doing their business, on the web, with ITX Design because they know they are a serious web hosting company. It is equally important to get the domain name you need right from the beginning, so that you can promote your site much easier and faster.

Getting your domain from web hosting companies you’ve never heard of before can be very dangerous. They may promise you things they simply can’t deliver. ITX Design is available to help or even assist you in picking the right domain and web hosting package which can make all the difference.

Top WordPress Web Hosting – How to Pick the Right Hosting Provider

Benefiting from the Top WordPress Web Hosting
Internet marketers are always looking for the top WordPress web hosting service. It’s not a good idea to get this type of hosting for free, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to get it either. It is a very daunting task to find a professional hosting company that provides quality when it comes to hosting services.

WordPress is the best blogging platform and preferred by more top bloggers than any other choice. This CMS or content management system is very user-friendly and reliable. When selecting a web hosting provider, you should make sure they support WordPress before making a commitment. This blogging platform increases your blog functionally and will give you more flexibility.  It has been tested time and time again and always comes out on top even when it’s tested against other CMS programs like WordPress vs Joomla.

What the Top WordPress Web Hosting will Give You
The top WordPress web hosting provider should offer you protection against hackers. There is no exception to this rule. They also must include 24/7 telephone, email, and online chat support. If you have a crisis on Saturday or even Sunday, then you need to be able to get the help you need without waiting until the next business day.

They also should explain everything in simple terms that you can understand. My advice is you should switch your web hosting provider, if they do not offer helpful and friendly customer support. Getting a quality backup service in case something does go wrong is also very important. They should perform this task daily or weekly and should restore your site if it is ever hacked or you make a mistake.

WordPress Security 101

wordpress-security-101-guyThe top WordPress web hosting firm will be able to monitor your site for possible hacker attacks. They should also use the latest PHP, Apache, and MySQL versions. Please make sure they offer you these features. A reliable web hosting firm must perform security updates regularly.  They must keep your site safe from virus attacks, Trojans, and many other security issues. Virus scans, Linux patches, Windows updates, firewalls, and other security measures should be used to help give you the security you need. You should be able to encrypt file uploads and your hosting company should use SFTP.

Additionally, no service permissions should be set to CHMOD 0777. They must have SUPHP installed and it is essential to read customer testimonials, and search for reviews with the search engines and internet marketing forums. You should see php.ini and .htaccess files directly from your cPanel through SFTP.

You should also check the hold time of the customer support. Fast response times are important because they tell you how reliable the servers are, how good the hosting company is, and what you can expect from the support. This is a very important part of your hosting decision process.

A Few Final Things to Know About the Top WordPress Web Hosting
The top WordPress web hosting provider must exceed the minimum requirements for WordPress. They also must have the latest WordPress version for you to install. WordPress has many free plug-ins, widgets, excellent flexibility, and layouts to help you customize the design and function of your website.

ITX Design hosting is one of the top WordPress web hosting solutions in the hosting industry. They have thousands of customers world-wide and enjoy an excellent track record. With them you receive fast load times from cloud hosting or if you select a dedicated server they’ll even provide assistance with your search engine optimization. ITX Design offers very affordable prices and will give you the foundation you need for WordPress.

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