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Have you been considering one of the top blog hosting sites, but you are unsure if this will make a difference for your blog? There are many sites you can get hosting for your blog from and some of them are much better than others. These sites make a huge difference and here are three ways that they can change your entire blog.

First, if you have a top blog host you will get more space and speed from the package you choose. This means you can make your blog larger, post to it more, and it will load faster when someone visits the blog as well. This means that you can get more of the visitors to stay on your blog instead of clicking away simply because it loads slowly.

Second, you will get more options for the platform of your blog. With a top blog host you will get the Fantastico script, which will give you both the WordPress and the Joomla hosting platforms for your blog. These two platforms will allow you to customize your blog in the way it looks and functions much better that a free platform like Blogger.

Last, the top blog hosts will give you better support, more reliable hosting, and overall a better foundation for your blog. When you get a hosting company that is not all that seasoned you can end up with poor support and unreliable servers. This can affect the overall experiences for those that visit your blot, which can cost you money.

You want to make sure you are getting one of the top blog hosting sites so that you will have the proper foundation for your blog. If you are trying to make money from your blog this is vitally important and if you don’t have top hosting you may regret it later. Below you are going to learn how you can find one of the top blog hosts and the cost of these top web hosting companies.

Finding the Top Blog Hosting Sites for your Project

Searching for one of the best blog hosts is not all that hard if you know where to start and how to go through the process.

You want to start by finding a list of the top ten hosting companies for blogs.

This will give you a good list to start with for your search.

Once you have this list you will want to follow the steps below to narrow it down to a few companies that can provide you with the best blog hosting for your project.

1. Eliminate Non Blog Hosts

With every top ten hosting list you will find that some of the options don’t offer you the Fantastico script. This is vital to your success so you want to start by eliminating any blog hosting options that don’t have this script for you. Cross them off your list and move onto the second step.

2. Read the Web Hosting Reviews

After you have eliminated the blog hosts that cannot give you the Fantastico script you want to move onto the web hosting reviews of each company. You will most likely be reading a review of the top blog hosting sites. ITX Design Hosting is the best, and when you read these reviews you’ll understand why.

The web hosting reviews can help you to understand whether or not the company will fit your needs. Not every blog hosting company will fit the needs you have and this does not mean they are a bad hosting company. It just means that they are not for your project and by reading the web hosting reviews you will find this out.

3. Test the Support

The final step you want to use in order to make sure you get the right hosting company for your blog is to test the support. This will help you to understand what exactly you are getting and whether they are good for your hosting or not. You want to ask the support a few questions and make sure you test all the options they have.

Fast, professional, and knowledgeable support usually means you are dealing with one of the top blog hosting websites. It is a sign that they don’t get a large amount of requests for support. The companies that have fast support usually have reliable servers that are better for your hosting than smaller companies with slow support.

The Two Options to Consider from Top Blog Hosting Sites

There are two basic options to consider when you are looking into the top blog hosts. You want to look into shared hosting and VPS Hosting. These are both similar in cost to start, but VPS hosting will get more expensive as you grow. However, it is the better choice for most blogs between the two of the hosting choices.

Shared hosting will put you on a server with many different hosting accounts. This can cause security issues and it can also cause your hosting to be slower sometimes than others. However, it is the cheapest blog hosting you are going to get and it starts around $3 a month. If you get a better package than the cheap hosting package that blog hosts offer it can get as expensive as $20 a month.

VPS hosting is going to have you on the same server as other accounts, but you will get a partition of the server all to yourself. This means your hosting will be faster and more secure than if you get shared hosting. This type of hosting will range from $10 a month all the way up to $200 a month or more depending on the amount of resources you get.

The good part about VPS hosting is that you can start off small and as your blog begins to make you money you can upgrade to a larger package. This means that you can grow your blog hosting along with your actual blog together. VPS hosting is the preferred type of hosting for blogs and nearly all the top blog hosting sites can provide you with this type of hosting.

What are the Most Important Parts of Hosting a Blog

Hosting a blog is an important part of making money online and you have to know how to get the most important parts and a top web hosting company as well.

There are many options for hosting and some of them specialize in blog hosting while others don’t.

Here are the most important things to get from a blog host.

The first thing you have to get with any blog host you are considering is the Fantastico script. This is the tool that will allow you to use the top blogging platforms like the Joomla hosting option and the WordPress blogging platform.

Without this script you will not have access to the top platforms and this can make a big difference in the success you achieve.

The next thing you want to make sure you get when hosting a blog is enough speed to allow your blog to load within 3 seconds. When someone finds your blog and tries to view it they need to be able to see it very fast. If they cannot see your blog quickly it will cost you many visitors and quite a bit of money over the time that your blog is up.

Another very important thing you need with your blog hosting is the ability to use your own domain name. This is what gives you full ownership of your blog and it will also help you rank higher as well. If you are not able to use your own domain name with the hosting you are considering it will be necessary to look for different hosting.

Finally you have to make sure you get enough space for your blog as well. Since a blog is something you are going to grow over time you have to get a package of hosting that will allow you to do exactly this. If you don’t have enough space for your hosting you are going to struggle to grow and achieve the success you are after.

If you get all four of these things when you are hosting a blog you will be able to set up a strong foundation for your project. You also want to make sure you have a top company and the right type of hosting for what you are attempting to do as well. Here are some of the tips you can use to help you find the best blog hosting for you.

Tips for Hosting a Blog Properly

1. Use a Top Ten Hosting List

There are many good lists out there of the best blog hosting companies and if you can find one that you like it will give you a very good starting point.

When you are looking for the best blog hosting for your project you need to start with a list of the top 10 web hosts and narrow it down to the right one for you.

Start by eliminating any of the companies that don’t specialize in blog hosting, then you will be working with just a handful of choices for your blog.

When you are hosting a blog you need to have the best and by using a list of the top 10 hosting options you will be able to find the best for your project much easier.

2. Read the Web Hosting Reviews

Within the lists of the top ten hosting choices for blogs you will also find many web hosting reviews. These can help you to make your hosting decision because they will list the features, benefits, and types of hosting the company can offer for your blog.

You will also learn about the reputation of the company, the pricing you will be dealing with, and many other parts of the hosting company. The reviews can help you cut your list down to just a couple of potential blog hosts for your project. This is a very fast way to evaluate a company that could end up being the right blog host for you.

3. Test the Support

The final thing you must do before you choose a top web hosting company for hosting a blog is test the support options they have.

Most of the best web hosting companies will offer 24/7 chat and email support along with phone support. The phone support is not always 24/7 and that is fine, but you still need to test it.

You want to come up with a few hosting questions about a specific package or type of hosting you are interested in. Then, contact the support team with all the options they offer and find out how fast they respond. A fast support team usually means the company has reliable servers that don’t cause many support issues.

Another thing you want is a company that has very professional support. It is not necessary for the support team to entertain you or joke around, but as long as they are fast, reliable, and professional you will be in good hands. The hope is that you never have to use the support team, but it will give you peace of mind to know they are there if you need them.

Finalizing Your Decision for Hosting a Blog

When you have your list narrowed down and you have tested the support it is time to make your final decision for hosting a blog. You want to take your time with this and look at all the pros and cons of your top two or three choices. After you have done this and you are pretty sure you have the decision made, sleep on it.

If you wake up the next day and you still want to go with the company you originally chose, then go ahead and get your blog hosting. If you doubt your choice the next morning you will want to go back through the pros and cons to make sure you are fully confident in your final decision.

Blog hosting is the foundation of the project you are trying to use to make money and get your message in front of people. This needs to give you the best vehicle to do this and the best blog hosting companies will give you exactly that. Make sure you use these tips to help you with the final decision for hosting a blog with a top web hosting company.

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