A Full and Interesting History of Web Hosting

servers-network-adminWeb hosting came into being in 1991 with the introduction of the Internet. The Internet tremendously impacted businesses, information and the communications industry and practically everything else that is in your daily life.

The internet provides any and every one with an enormous quantity of free information, regardless of the part of the world they seek it from. It is not an understatement to say that the Internet is the greatest technological creation as yet invented.

Email and Webpages – The advent of email was a welcome tool that came into being with the Internet, and then the way was now paved for the creation of webpages. The commercial value of the Internet was now evident because of the creation of web pages and email communication.
E-Commerce – The practice of businesses doing business on the Internet, electronic commerce or ecommerce, started a new business era. This created a demand for web hosting from every business that sought to have their business visible on the Internet. This gave rise to web hosting companies since they were able to provide a security businesses would not be able to get otherwise. Businesses were now able to extend their reach beyond their brick and mortar walls and reach out to customers from all parts of the world.
Hosting companies expand – In the early web hosting days, only very large companies owned the servers and web hosts were required to rent space on them. In time this changed and the hosts stopped renting and acquired their own servers. Hosting companies then came into their own and as a result, owning space on a web server became available to everyone.
Hosting Costs – In the early days of web hosting the costs were prohibitively expensive, so much so that not many people could afford it. In time this changed and with the hosting companies now owning their own servers, together with the huge demand for hosting and also the increased competition among web hosts, costs have been reduced quite drastically.
Web Hosting Competition – Web hosting has become a very competitive industry and it provides a variety of services for their clients in order to beat the competition and to stay ahead. The industry is worth billions of dollars today, and continues to grow at an astonishing rate.
Web hosting today fuels the Internet since it provides for the affordable creation of websites that are the building blocks of the world wide web of virtual properties.

Finding the Web Hosting Options That Fit Best
Web Host Options for Your New Business

When looking for a web host for your business website, the web hosting options provided are important considerations. The most important consideration is the fact that your website must always be accessible to your customers and must always be online.  Bearing these considerations in mind, the search for the appropriate website hosting options becomes very critical.

Ability to FTP – This will allow update and modification of files and website content, and should be available through your hosting provider.
Space Requirements – The amount of space required for your site will vary with the size of your site. Consideration needs to be given for its current size and for the size you should anticipate for future growth.
Flexibility in File Sizes and Types – Some hosts apply restrictions on the types and sizes of files that can be uploaded to their servers. Usually these restrictions are placed on non-business users by certain hosts. For your business website, flexibility in the use of file types and sizes are mandatory so these limitations by web hosts should be avoided completely.
Server Side Scripting – This technology is important to a business and allows it to produce counters, polls, forms and mailing list controls, all of which makes a website interactive. These features are available from many hosts for the need of businesses.
Bandwidth Requirements – This is an extremely essential requirement that must be accurately calculated. Without the correct bandwidth your site’s reliability is compromised and users will not be able to access the site or their access may be slow. There will be fluctuations in the traffic to your site and a high bandwidth will be able to cope with such spikes.
Reliability and Speed – Your business website is as successful as the host is reliable. One of the most valuable options that can be offered by a host is an uptime guarantee of at least 99%. Without this the business customers will lose credibility in the business and may become frustrated with slowness and any inability to access the site.
Technical Support – 24/7 technical support that is efficient, responsive and effective should be available from the host. This is critical also to maintain the site’s integrity.
These are hosting options that must be provided by any business looking for the best options when choosing a host. Review the excellent resources available online and also browse through our webpages for any additional insights you may need on the subject.

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