Should You Use the WP-PageNavi WordPress Plugin?

wp-navi-wordpress-pluginThe WP-PageNavi is a plugin that will allow you to jazz up your blog a little bit. With most WordPress themes, you get links at the top or bottom of your post pages that look like:

  • ← Older posts | Newer posts →

However, if you’ve seen the navigation on blogs that provides page numbers for the different pages of posts, that is what the WP-PageNavi plugin in can do for you. In fancy words, you can create a set of pagination links for your blog.

Is WP-PageNavi The Best Navigation Plugin for WordPress?

Many experts swear by using WP-PageNavi for their blogs for many reasons. Changing the navigation provides many benefits, but is this the best choice for a navigation plugin?

The short answer is yes. It’s found in the list of the top 25 WordPress Plugins and provides something you don’t get as cleanly with other plugins. If you want to change the navigation of your site, this is the best way to do it.

Benefits of Using WP-PageNavi

Using WP-PageNavi provides more benefits than just the way it makes your website/blog look. It provides SEO benefits, along with user-experience benefits.

SEO Benefits

wp-navi-seoGoogle looks at your website/blog as a whole and one of the things they look at, when it comes to older posts, is how easy they are to find. If it takes dozens of clicks to get to an older post, it may hurt your website/blog ranking. By adding the WP-PageNavi WordPress plugin to your arsenal, you can eliminate this issue.

The page numbers make it quicker to get from the homepage to the older posts. This makes your blog more powerful and gives you a tool that helps boost your search engine ranking, especially if you have good “evergreen” posts.

User-Experience Benefits

Along with the SEO benefits, the WP-PageNavi plugin provides a better user experience for your blog, too. Your visitors can quickly sift through content and find something older without clicking the “older posts” or “newer posts” link over and over again.

Is This Plugin Easy to Install and Use?

The WP-PageNavi WordPress plugin installs just as easy as any other plugin from WordPress. Just download the .zip file and upload it to the plugin area of your WordPress dashboard.

After is has installed, just activate the plugin and you’re ready to use it. This is all it takes to install the plugin, but using it is a bit more complicated.

You need to go into the code of the theme you’re using and find the “next_posts_link()” and the “previous_posts_link()” and replace them. It’s not as hard as it might sound. The installation section of the plugin, found on WordPress.org, provides the code and instructions for making this change.

Depending on your theme, the code may already exist in the “Theme Navigation.” Make sure you check the bottom of your blog pages to see if the numbered pages are showing up before you change any code.

Other Options Within the WP-PageNavi Plugin

Along with the ability to change the way your blog navigates from one page to another, you can change the style of the navigation. This WordPress Plugin allows you to set the number of pages to show how many larger pages to show, the navigation style and many other options.

This is pretty easy to do from the Page Navigation admin page. You can change all the different options and style the plugin display however you’d like.

Final Thoughts About the WP-PageNavi WordPress Plugin

The WP-PageNavi plugin is a great addition to just about any WordPress theme out there. It provides many benefits and gives your blog a better navigation style. Not many plugins provides the benefits of this plugin in such a simple way.

Make sure you install it correctly and if you do have a theme the requires changing a little bit of the code, it’s always good to copy and paste the existing code into a text file just in case you have to replace it again. Follow the instructions and you will soon have a navigation that provides SEO benefits, a better look and an easier way for users to find your older post.

WP-PageNavi is very powerful and many experts recommend using it on your blog. If you want the best from your WordPress blog, add this plugin to your arsenal

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