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wordpress-all-in-one-seoAll in One SEO Pack – Who’s it For and Why Should You Use it?

The All in One SEO Pack plugin for WordPress is certainly one of the best out there. It’s free to use and thousands of WordPress blogs use this plugin to create better SEO for their blog posts and for their website. Should you be using the All in One SEO Pack plugin?

Choosing the right plugins for your specific needs is necessary. The All in One SEO Pack may not fit for all situations, but it’s a great place to start, if you want better SEO.

WordPress is already very search engine friend and adding All in One SEO Pack will only make it better. Once you get this plugin installed, you will see a red warring, which tells you to enable the plugin from the administration page. This isn’t the most attractive warning, but it will certainly grab your attention.

You need to go through the single admin page and get everything setup with keywords, a title and a description. This will become your Meta Data, which is very important for your SEO.

The other part of this plugin is what it allows you to do with pages and posts. It’s very simple and provides a section to allow you to set the Meta Data for each post or page.

Two drawbacks are found with this WordPress plugin, however. First, the admin page has affiliate ads, which you can have removed if you upgrade to the premium version. Second, you don’t get any support from the actual developers without upgrading to premium. However, you can get support from the WordPress forums, which will usually answer your questions.

all-in-on-seo-wordpress-pluginIs the All in One SEO Pack the Best Choice for SEO?

Out of all the free SEO plugins, All in One SEO Pack isn’t known as the best choice. WordPress SEO by Yoast is known as a better choice, but this doesn’t make it the right choice for everybody.

If you just want a plugin to help you gain a little boost in SEO and you don’t need a plugin that will give you keyword analysis, the All in One SEO Pack is all you need.

Sometimes using a plugin giving you too much information can be dangerous. It can influence the way you create content and can cause issues with the overall theme of your website.

Who is All in One SEO Pack Best For?

Bloggers looking to gain a little SEO help, but not looking to cater their content to specific keywords will love the All in One SEO Pack. The way the world of content marketing is changing, a basic SEO plugin may be the better choice for many.

Some bloggers don’t worry much about keywords, but they would still like to set up the correct Meta Data for each post. This can easily be done with the All in One SEO Pack WordPress plugin. Since this plugin won’t tell you anything about keywords, you won’t need to worry about changing your writing style to fit a specific keyword.

How to Use the All in One SEO Pack

wordpress-seo-pluginUsing the All in One SEO Pack is pretty self-explanatory. Once it’s installed, you just need to fill in the admin page with your website title, a short description and a few keywords. You can also change a few of the other options from this page, if necessary.

After setting up the admin page, you just need to add a title, description and a few tags with every post or page. You can also change the menu attribute for pages, when necessary. The plugin will even show you a suggested title and description, along with a preview of how it will look on the search engines.

Once you fill in the information, you just publish or schedule your post. The plugin will put the new data into the Meta Tags to ensure you show up in the search engines properly.

The All in One SEO Pack may not be the most powerful SEO plugin, but it will allow you to get the most out of your WordPress site without worrying about keyword analysis or anything advanced.

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